The Jewish Roots of Roots

Written, financed, produced and distributed BY JEWS

If you can handle the jolting revelation of discovering who is secretly controlling the internet, simply type these words into Google: “Roots written by a Jew” and check out what pops up. The Jewish-owned search engine will overwhelm you with an abundance of articles about Jewish roots but not one link will appear about the Jews who wrote Roots.

The attempted deception is obvious and one has to wonder . . . WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO HIDE?   Well, here’s your answer . . .

Written by a Jew

In 1993, a year after Alex Haley’s death, writer Philip Nobile did his best to expose what he called “one of the great literary hoaxes of modern times.” In February of that year, he published “Uncovering Roots” in the influential alternative publication, The Village Voice.  Among other interesting facts, Nobile revealed that Haley’s editor at Playboy magazine was the very Jewish Murray Fisher who did much of the book’s writing.

The story goes that in 1962 a young associate editor working at Playboy found an unfinished piece about jazz trumpeter Miles Davis written by an unknown writer named Alex Haley.  Intrigued by Davis’ controversial commentary, Fisher prompted Haley to spend more time with the musician.  That resulted in the very first Playboy interview, published in September 1962.  A feature which, along with the centerfold, became the leading Playboy trademark.

Having had immediate success with the celebrity articles in Playboy, Fisher and Haley worked together for six years on Roots.  At least that’s what Huffington Post’s writer, Matthew Delmont claims.

But here’s where it gets interesting . . .

Kike In The Woodpile

Harold Courlander

In 1967 Jewish author Harold Courlander published a novel entitled The African.

When Courlander watched Roots on ABC, he was struck by the similarity of the television presentation to his novel.  In 1978, Courlander sued Haley in a U.S. District Court for copyright infringement.

Throughout the six weeks of testimony, U.S. District Court Judge Robert Ward listened in disbelief to denial after denial by Haley. On one occasion, he noted that Haley used “Yoo-hooo-ah-hoo” as a slave field call with exactly the same spelling as Courlander had and wondered how that could have happened by chance.   Of course, it couldn’t and it didn’t.

A “minorities’ studies” professor, Joseph Brucac from Skidmore College, signed a sworn affidavit in which he noted that he and Haley had indeed discussed The African at least five years prior to the publication of Roots. In fact, Brucac even lent Haley his own copy of it.

Interestingly, when Huffington Post (a Jewish-owned media outlet) tells their side of this story, Courlander is described as “white”.  One would think that Jews would be proud to affirm that they were the true authors of Roots.  Why the cover-up?

Jewish Cash Cow

Perhaps at least part of that answer can be attributed to the fact that Roots, the television miniseries, was produced by David Wolper Productions.  Which is -you guessed it-  a Jewish-owned company.

Meanwhile, copies of the novel were flying off the shelf.  Copies published by Doubleday, yet another Jewish-owned company.

Those that have no scientific training might cry “conspiracy theory.”  However, we challenge anyone with at least two years of statistical training to prove the null hypothesis.  We don’t think you can.

Another Heeb In The Woodpile

Just when you thought you’d seen it all . . . .  The allegation has been made in some circles that Courlander’s novel, The African, is loosely based upon yet another Jewish novel entitled: The Myth of the Negro Past; which was published in 1958 by Beacon Press and written by Melville Herskovits.

Playboy Negroes

When one does the research, you find out that Roots is entirely a Jewish fabrication from beginning to end.  You’ll also discover that the Jewish-owned search engines such as Google are desperately trying to hide important facts about you and your heritage.

The Jews needed a melanated face to pull off their cultural attack.  And what better place to find a boot-licking stooge than CIA-funded Playboy magazine.*  Alex Haley wasn’t the only self-hating Sambo in the Playboy fold.  It was none other than Playboy that launched the career of comedian and media puppet Dick Gregory.

The Biggest Secret About Roots

Haley bent over for the Jews and for years the unsuspecting public believed Roots was a serious chronicle of real life events.  Time has revealed that Roots was a well-financed Jewish psychological operation.  The only melanated people involved in the production were the paid on-screen employees.

But the biggest secret about Roots is this: the story is only superficially about the past.  In actuality, it is a Jewish mythological projection.  Their conception of the future for melanated people.  An unintended revelation of what they have in store for all of those lost souls who fail to wake up and embrace their true identity.

Will you make the effort to discover your true noble ancestry or will you settle for your enemy’s degraded version?


*According to Ex CIA operative Laurel Aston, in his book Fighting Child and Human Trafficking and Slavery:
“I knew Hugh Hefner. He is connected to the CIA.
“Hefner is a CIA programmer, CIA sex slave handler and pimp.
“Hefner was also a part of running MK ULTRA super assassins and ops.”
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African-Americans are Original Americans

Eight months ago I came across the video (below) on YouTube and didn’t believe it.  After six months passed I decided to use a 14 day free trial on to investigate these claims.

The Taylors were Original Americans

I cannot address all persons who are self-described as so-called “African-Americans”.

However, as for me, I now possess documented proof that my Great Grandmother, (Anna Francis Taylor), was categorized on the 1880 Federal Census as “Ind”.

Later on I obtained a letter from the Office of Indian Affairs (which existed before it was changed into the BUREAU of Indian Affairs).  The letter clearly states that, according to the Feds, my Great Grandmother was “A Narragansett Indian.”

Sure, while you watch this video be skeptical . . . so was I.  But after that passes, find out the facts for yourself.

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