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Walmart Bank Fraud

Missing Money at Arvest

Avest Steals Seven Hundered Dollars

We’ve all heard of the phrase “bank heist”.  Arvest Bank (which is owned by Walmart) has invented a new wrinkle: The Customer Heist.  As you can see in the graphic above, without anything changing in the debit/credit column, my balance went from $702.12 to $2.12.  That’s a $700 withdrawal.  (Click on the graphic for a better view).

But where’s the record of the withdrawal?  A bank can’t just take money out of your account, they have to show where it went.  Look at the right hand column and notice that it never changed.  There is NO record of any withdrawal.  The money simply DISAPPEARED!

Take another look at that right hand column.  The most recent transaction is a deposit.  That’s right friend, a $700 deposit was made and then the balance dropped by – you guessed it – $700 with NO RECORD as to where the money went!  Banking’s a pretty good business, huh?  If you run out of money, simply take it from the customers.  No problem.

Now I know what you’re thinking, this is just some stupid mistake.  No, actually, it’s the second time Arvest has pulled this ploy, however I didn’t think to take screenshots the first time this happened.  However, now we have the proof.


Shortly after we reported this story and sent Arvest a copy of the link, this happened:

Missing Check Appears

Click on pic for LARGER VIEW

As you can see for yourself, until they were caught red-handed, Arvest hid a check and pocketed the money.  Once again, this is NOT the first time this has happened.  It’s only the first time they’ve been caught on camera and exposed.


Arkansas Code
Title 5 – Criminal Offenses
Subtitle 4 – Offenses Against Property
Chapter 37 – Forgery and Fraudulent Practices
Subchapter 2 – Offenses Generally
§ 5-37-202 – Falsifying a business record.

5-37-202. Falsifying a business record.

(a) A person commits the offense of falsifying a business record if, with purpose to defraud or injure, the person:

(1) Makes or causes a false entry to be made in a business record of an enterprise;

(2) Alters, erases, obliterates, deletes, removes, or destroys a true entry in a business record of an enterprise;

(3) Omits to make a true entry in a business record of an enterprise in violation of a duty to do so that the person knows to be imposed upon him or her by law or by the nature of his or her position; or

(4) Prevents the making of a true entry or causes the omission of a true entry in a business record of an enterprise.


MORE Arvest Fraud . . . .

Arvest Bank President, H. Dennis Smiley Jr.

H. Dennis Smiley Jr., the banker who plead guilty to federal bank fraud, was sentenced Thursday to eight years and one month in prison and ordered to pay $4.9 million in restitution.

Smiley was President of Arvest Bank, Benton County.  Bank fraud carries a maximum penalty of 30 years in prison and a fine of $1 million.

Federal court documents show Smiley also admitted he had subordinates and other Arvest executives sign documents falsely showing that stock collateral was unencumbered and used false financial statements to secure loans.

Smiley started his banking crime spree in 1989 as a commercial loan officer at McIlroy Bank in Fayetteville. He served as President of Arvest Bank of Springdale from 2001 until April 2012 when he was named to the top Benton County post.

Excerpted from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette

It Seems to be Contagious . . .

Lost deposit for multiple people
By Christiana – 10/15/2018

GREENWOOD, ARKANSAS — My husband deposited $1,300 in cash and a $100 personal check on Friday. I confirmed online that the deposit went in as usual. Saturday morning the deposit had disappeared!  I waited until the bank opened and checked again. Nothing. Thankfully, we keep all the receipts. I called Arvest and the assistant manager Ashley said she would look into it, as someone else had called too. My husband went to the bank with the receipt to speak to them in person. By the time he got there at least 20 other people had called or come to the bank with the same issue.

The branch said it’s not their fault, which is odd, considering that the customer service professional said ONLY the Greenwood branch was affected. We were all told to file a dispute for a lost deposit. Ummm… my deposit isn’t lost. They can see where it was made. They said it just ‘fell’ off along with those other 20 something unfortunate people.

To make matters worse, I had already sent out payments based on this new balance. Now, I do have sufficient funds to cover my payments, but how many of those other 20 something don’t. I will be closing all three of my accounts with Arvest.

Arvest Bank Rating:
1.0 out of 5, based on 19 reviews & complaints.

Excerpted from my3cents

Deeper Secret Story

As reported by Wikipedia, Arvest Bank is owned by the Walton family.  Many people know that Sam Walton started Walmart.  They also know that after Sam died, Walmart took a drastic turn in sales philosophy.  Walmart replaced items that used to be made in the USA with items produced by slave labor in China.  The prices rose and many times were higher than the mom and pop stores in the neighborhood.  People know that.  They just don’t know why . . . .

Sam Walton was an Albion (“white”) man who married a Jewess, Helen Robson. Which means by both tradition and genetics, Sam’s children were Jews.  Once Sam Walton kicked the bucket, Walmart became exclusively owned by Jews (his wife and children).  That’s when the Jew business tactics reared their ugly head.  That’s when Walmart began subsidizing slave labor overseas.  That’s when the prices increased. Lower quality at higher prices. Make no mistake about it, the Jew takeover of Walmart has been great for their profit margin but a net loss for shoppers.

BTW: If you clicked on that link about Helen, notice that the bio has been carefully sanitized.  There is absolutely NO mention of the fact that she was a Jew.  Despite the ethnic cover up, the fact remains that Walmart is owned by the Jew.  Which means that Arvest is a Jewish bank.  And based on the evidence, the Jew is not satisfied with merely storing your money.  He wants to steal it.

Alarm Bells

Last month I became suspicious when a check I wrote didn’t appear in the balance column but my account balance fell as if the check had been cashed.  I emailed the bank and the next day the check magically appeared.

That set off alarms bells.  A bank . . . losing checks?  All banks DO is track balances.  If those balances don’t reconcile, the bank cannot close for the day until they do.  It’s virtually impossible for a bank to misplace a check. So I withdrew all of my funds from Arvest with the exception of $2.21 and opened up an account with another bank.

A couple of days later I made a $700 deposit in the Arvest account, which you can see on the right side of the graphic.  Then I waited.  Sure enough, the next $700 check I wrote went missing. Only this time, I had taken a screen shot of the account right after making the deposit.  So when the balance dropped from $702.21 to $2.21 and there was no check in the balance column, the Jew was caught red-handed on camera.

As you have read for yourself, I’m not the only one who has been victimized by Arvest bank fraud.  I had an account in Fort Smith.  This phenomenon has also happened in Greenwood and if you check out my3cents, you’ll see that it has also happened in Harrison, Lowell and even in Tulsa. This is an alarming pandemic.  Multiple Arvest customers are having their accounts looted.  Yet, you don’t hear a thing about it in the mainstream media. I mean, a frickin’ PRESIDENT of Arvest bank was sent to prison, for God’s sake!  We’re talking about institutional corruption from the top on down.

The Facts

Now some may claim that I’m a racist.  IMHO, that’s Blaming the Victim 101.

  • FACT: Walmart is owned by the Jew.
  • FACT: Walmart quality and prices have been negatively altered.
  • FACT: Arvest Bank is owned by the Jew.
  • FACT: Arvest Bank has been caught red-handed in multiple bank frauds.

Are They Stealing Your Money Too?

Do you bank with Arvest?  Have you checked your balances lately?  I mean REALLY checked them.  The first time Arvest misappropriated funds in my account, they covered their tracks by hiding their chicanery inside a long list of transactions that had transpired during the previous month.  But this time, there was only one transaction all month long: a deposit.

You saw it for yourself.  The Jew tried to steal $700 by not attributing the payment.  Do you REALLY think I’m the only one Arvest has done this to? If I were you, I’d check my account thoroughly.  Five dollars here, ten dollars there, out of thousands of accounts adds up to potentially millions of dollars stolen from customers.

What ELSE Are They Stealing?

Do you believe Arvest is only misappropriating funds in their checking accounts?  What about the funds in their savings accounts? How about their loans and mortgages?  Could they be under-reporting your payments?

Secret Locations EXPOSED

The official story is that Arvest Bank is operating out of Bentonville, Arkansas.  But that’s just the cover story.  Arvest Bank is actually being run out of Wichita, Kansas.  And those Jews take their marching orders from senior Jews located near Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

We have their IP addresses.  In case you’re not tech savvy, every device on the internet has a unique address.  That IP address doesn’t merely identify a city or town.  In a building full of computers, the IP address tells you which computer was used.

Theoretically, only law enforcement and authorized agencies can trace IP addresses.  We’ll just say that the Jews in Wichita are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and Outlook.  The Jews in Pennsylvania prefer iPads and iPhones running on OS 12_0_1.

Curious Research Finding

An ancillary result of doing independent research is that one comes across curious unexpected findings.  For example, if we include all of the bankers that have been investigated, NOT ONE of them uses an Android phone.  It would appear that the Jew prefers iPhones.  Perhaps the users believe iPhones carry a higher status, since they’re more expensive.

The corollary to this is: If you observe someone using an Android phone, it’s almost certain that they’re not a Jew.  Likewise from now on, if you encounter what appears to be a “white” person and they’re holding an iPhone in their hand, take a REAL good look at that nose!  find a arvest bank



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