Whatever Happened to American Justice?

You Probably Think You’ve Got Rights

Robert S Wylie-Whatever Happened to American Justice

An Experience of Biblical Proportions

On January 22, 2010 in courtroom “A” of the Stone County Judicial Center, a secret hearing took place.  When I walked into the room there were two prosecutors, two bailiffs and two court reporters.  For a second I thought I had wandered into Noah’s ark!

The judge, Robert S. Wiley refused my request to place the hearing on the record.  At that point, I stated that if the court refused to record the hearing then I would.  At first, Wiley objected until I asked him to state the Missouri statute that would forbid me from doing so.

At that point, Wiley asked the two prosecutors if they objected while shaking his head “no”.  The prosecutors followed his cue, saying that they did not object.  Then Wiley stated, “Well, if the prosecutors have no objection then I have no objection”, trying to persuade me that they were gracing me with a privilege when in fact I didn’t need their permission at all.

The Immaculate Victim

The video below was produced shortly after that hearing and aired on the internet.  Seven months later Wiley charged me with two class C felonies carrying a total sentence of fourteen years!  The charge?  Obstruction of a judicial proceeding.  Now here’s the kicker . . . Wiley claimed to have been threatened and yet he was not listed as a witness!  Yes that’s right folks, he was victimized but has no memory of it ever happening.  Hmmm.

An American Political Prisoner

The next time you hear the bleeding hearts on National Public Radio crying about some person in China being thrown in jail for speaking out against the government, you just remember that right here in America, I was incarcerated for over sixteen and a half months (August 26, 2010 through January 13, 2012) as a result of releasing this video (below) on the internet.  Not only that, the court also issued an order stating:  “Shazer Everquar is not to have access to the internet for any purpose.”

The Free Press?

As a result of being imprisoned for such a length of time, the website this video endorses no longer exists.  Remember, not only was I incarcerated, I was also deliberately prevented from maintaining my blog.  As a result that site went down.

Fortunately, the spirit and ingenuity of America continues to live on.  Let’s see the tyrants try to bring down WORDPRESS.COM!

In the meantime, don’t expect this story to be featured on mainstream media, they’re much more concerned with pushing homosexuality and any other immorality they can muster, down the throats of the American people.  What used to be news has been replaced with decadent propaganda wielded in an all-out effort to destroy our culture.

The American Injustice System

If you want to know why the United States has been going to hell in a handbasket, here’s your opportunity to see for yourself.  We caught this traitor to America on tape as he stumbles over his own lies.  It is absolutely horrifying to witness what a godless alcoholic whore will do for money.  But hey, you’ve got to give him credit . . . like the cartoon coyote:

he is truly “wiley”.

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