Everything Christians Know about Government is Wrong

Get Back to Basics

Be faithful to your ancestors

Be faithful to your ancestors

If you want to pray for something . . . pray that you will humble yourself enough to admit that you have been wrong, that you have been foolish, that you have been irresponsible to your duties and that you have a LOT to learn about being a righteous American citizen.

Pray that somehow you will face the facts and admit that you have no one else to blame but yourself and that the time to repent of your ignorance is RIGHT NOW.

  • When was the last time you read the Bible?
  • When was the last time you read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

Your ancestors knew them BOTH but you do not. And America has paid the disastrous costs.

Class Is In Session, You Are NOT Excused

It's still EVIL

Vote Conservatively – DON’T VOTE

I have a friend who loves to blame “the liberals.” There can be nothing more liberal than Christians abdicating their moral and ethical responsibilities to non-believers. There can be nothing more liberal than betraying everything your ancestors fought and died to preserve because you’re too apathetic to become an informed citizen. There can be nothing more liberal than permitting the wholesale perversion of God’s Natural Order by living in complete denial of it. God’s Kingdom on Earth begins with you. It is time for repentance and you are NOT excused.

Pastors Must Become Informed

As I noted in the beginning of this article, before I did my own research I read many treatises on this subject written by pastors and none of them seemed to get to the heart of the matter. Perhaps, now you can understand the reason why. Not one pastor cited the laws of America. My best guess is that they were unable to. So we have a HUGE problem in America. Pastors are ignorant of common law and therefore cannot teach it to their congregations.

By the way, common law (basic law) is derived STRAIGHT FROM THE BIBLE. There is no excuse on earth for pastors not to study common law. Any pastor who objects to studying common law is basically objecting to studying the Bible. It is an indefensible argument.

Reformation of America Begins With You

Liberty in ChristThe whole of what has gone wrong cannot be covered in merely this one article, but know this . . . all of the trouble that America is now going through has occurred as a result of evil men replacing the original law of America (Biblically-based common law) with another type of law that isn’t actually law!

They were able to do this because Christians have failed to use their common sense. It should be obvious to anyone who knows the story about Judas betraying Jesus for a few pieces of silver that America can be (and some would say has been) betrayed for a price as well.

By the way, are we alone in this sentiment?  Check out what this blogger has to say:

Irresponsible Christians are the biggest threat to our liberties in this country today and have but all destroyed everything that once made this country great. Christians  have become  the engine of evil in this country.

Cut the Cord of Dependency

American Christians can no longer afford to sit on their rump, twiddle their thumbs and addictively depend upon Judases to save our country. We must depend upon God acting through us. We cannot correct what has happened to The United States unless we comprehend the true facts and rectify the sinful sloth that dragged us down into this quagmire in the first place. We cannot re-institute Biblical law while possessing no mastery of it. We cannot wait for others to do this for us. That approach has been tried and has failed miserably.

You are not going to be able to solve this problem with a donation or a vote. You’re going to have to put your nose to the grindstone and work hard to acquire knowledge that was intentionally denied to you. We’re not talking about you becoming a lawyer . . . God forbid. Lawyers adhere to non-Biblical statutes which need to be abolished. No, we’re simply talking about gaining enough basic knowledge so that we can re-institute God’s Law in the courts of America. If Christians will not perform their patriotic duty . . . then WHO WILL?


  1. “Render Unto Caesar . . . Honor the King, etc.” is apples and oranges born of ignorance. We do not have Caesars, Kings, whatever. Please stop talking like an idiot.
  2. Government officials are servants NOT higher powers.  God’s Laws are the higher powers. You have been promoting a demonic perversion of God’s Natural Order. Please curtail your blasphemy. God is not amused.  The servants are NOT the masters.
  3. The legal title of “US citizen” is a satanic slave trap.
  4. The American educational system deliberately failed to teach you Biblical common law and only YOU can rectify that.
  5. The secret to fixing America is re-instituting God’s Law in the Courts.
    Take control of the courts!

    Target Satan’s stronghold – the courts

    • A COURT ruled that Prayer must be abolished from schools.
    • A COURT decided that Christian nativity scenes could not be displayed in public.
    • A COURT passed Rowe v. Wade.
    • Christianity is under attack everywhere. But Christianity is being struck down in the courts.
    • Forget about elections . . . TAKE CONTROL OF THE COURTS!
  6. Your ignorance and sloth has caused you to overlook the most powerful weapon available to you.
  7. Christians cannot take control of the courts without investing the time necessary to gain a working knowledge of common law.
  8. If Christians will not take control of the courts then the courts will be ruled by Satan and America will be lost.
  9. Christian pastors have a duty to learn common law, which is derived from the Bible. Any pastor unwilling to fulfill his patriotic duty to save America is working for Satan. This must become the new litmus test for authentic pastorship.
  10. Be faithful to your ancestors and all of the sacrifices they made on your behalf.  If it were not for those sacrifices, you would not be here today.
  11. Remember . . . God and Country.  A country is a wasteland without God. But your progeny will have no place to worship God without a country.
  12. For years, Christians have organized weekly Bible study.  It is high time for them to organize weekly Constitution study.

If it were not for those sacrifices, you would not be here today.

Ignorantia facti excusat, ignorantia juris non excusat . . . .

“Ignorance of the facts excuses, ignorance of the law does not.”

Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, Maxims of Law

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13 Responses to Everything Christians Know about Government is Wrong

  1. Lilly Holden says:

    Hey! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m undoubtedly enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

  2. Ned Netterville says:

    Jesus’ response requires knowing what belongs to Caesar and what to God. Rest assured that Jesus concurred with the division of property between the two as specified in sacred Scripture, wherein it is stated at least five times, but most clearly in Psalm 24, verse 1: “The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it,” which leaves exactly nothing for poor old Caesar. Government, whether it be as in Rome in the first century, or in the United States now or at its inception, is a rejection of God as one’s lawmaker in favor of human–read satanic–laws. When Jesus was tempted by the devil to worship him instead of God, one of the inducements Satan offered was the glory and authority over all the kingdoms of the world, which he claimed to were his to give to whomever he pleased. Jesus did not dispute the devil’s claim to hold the power, glory and authority of all nation states, for if they were not Satan’s to offer there would have been no temptation involved in the offer. The U.S., like Rome of old, is the devil’s playground. Participate in it by claiming citizenship, voting, paying taxes, holding public office, serving on juries, saluting the flag, serving in the military or in any other position, or otherwise honoring the devil’s handiwork if you dare, but don’t look to God to bail you out when the prince of the world’s government slams shut the gates of his kingdom.

    • We agree with you wholeheartedly; but would go further with something you said… CHRISTIANITY AS IT IS NOW PRACTICED IN AMERICA is a rejection of God as one’s lawmaker in favor of human (i.e. satanic) laws. Thank you so much for your logical and studied comment!

  3. Anonymous says:

    your forgetting one important detail:there is no such thing as a christian as long as the old covenant is first and last in the alleged christian vocabulary.period christ was the awareness the christian to be the action.sorry hasnt happened yet.who am I ? the prophet chaos..no more no less.you may scoff at me like all prophets are and always will be to you mainstream elitest but facts are facts .when the old covenant is laid to rest christiananity can happen until the why do you fools follow hebrew law ?customs ?care about hebrew history ? what meaning is that to a christian ?think on it .god and country what a bunch of jewish pie you gorge yourselves on.choke on it until you die.

  4. Svayambhut Ghosh says:

    Stumbling on your blog totally made my day. You have no idea. Christians are such hypocrites!

  5. In law the words US citizen means multiple things. The usage meaning a 14th amendment citizen is the one I find offensive.


  6. prof says:

    What a great revelation (no pun intended) ;>)

  7. Gerald Gruenfeld says:

    You are absolutely correct on everything stated here. It is said they shall be led as sheep to the slaughter. Even the very elect, there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.God will put it into mans heart to make his will manifest. These things must come to pass. Bye Bye Miss American Pie.

  8. aaron Burns says:

    What an interesting expose!

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