Has Government Become the New Mafia?

Judge Confesses Role in Murder Plot!


Judge Spills His Guts

STEPHEN CARLTON also known as Judge Stephen Paul Carlton has confessed to his involvement in a conspiracy of supremacists to murder an African-American.

In late October 2008, an unsuccessful assassination attempt on Shazer Everquar’s life was carried out at THE LOADING DOCK, a convenience store formerly located in Branson West, Missouri.

TOM J CARLSON & Doug RaderRetaliation of the Drug Kings

In early 2008 Everquar released a five-part video series, Branson West EXPOSED, which chronicles the extensive criminal activity of the Kosher mafia in Branson West, Missouri.

In retaliation, a three man hit team from Utah was imported into Missouri to carry out a carefully planned execution which was meant to look like a botched robbery at a convenience store.

Documents filed in Stone County Circuit Court reveal that it was THOMAS J CARLSON who arranged the failed hit.

If At First You Don’t Succeed

Certified court documents confirm that, having failed to assassinate Everquar in 2008, CARLSON fashioned a rather intricate alternative murder plot consisting of:

  1. Charging Shazer Everquar with a series of false crimes.
  2. Staging a mock trial in Ozark, Missouri with syndicate members as jurors.
  3. Convicting Everquar on false charges.
  4. Imprisoning him within the MISSOURI DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS.
  5. And finally, having him slain out of sight of the general public.

Kosher Mob Concocts Captivity

In early 2010, Everquar released the video Stone County Missouri EXPOSED which reveals that Missouri 39th Circuit Court is a criminal syndicate operating outside of the Constitution of the United States.  Filed affidavits affirm that the allegations made in that video are true.

Nevertheless, on August 26, 2010 Everquar was arrested by syndicate members under color of law and charged with two class C felonies carrying a maximum sentence of fourteen years.

Judge Cozy with Killers

STEPHEN CARLTON, an associate judge in Jasper County, presided over a secret unlawful hearing held Tuesday June 26, 2012  in Stone County.

At that clandestine affair CARLTON unlawfully moved the venue of the trial from the original venue of  Springfield, Missouri to Ozark.

Nickels Styron wearing glasses

Kosher Mob Attorney
Harry Styron

Why Ozark?

Documentation filed in the 39th Circuit Court of Missouri contains an unrebutted confession in which STEPHEN CARLTON admitted to having a fiduciary relationship with the Kosher Mafia King himself, TOM J CARLSON.

And CARLSON’s criminal organization just happens to be represented by the law office of Styron & Shilling.

Take a guess where that law office is located . . . you guessed it . . .  OZARK.

Pagans to the Max

According to court documents, drug kingpin CARLSON has been siphoning off millions of tax dollars as well as directing an illegal drug operation out of the CITY OF BRANSON WEST.

The police chief of that city, Doug Rader, is a former member of COMET, the state’s drug task force; which means he is well acquainted with every major mover in the Missouri drug trade.

Uncontested documentation has revealed all of the key players in the murder plot are Pagan Jews.  Coincidence?

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One Response to Has Government Become the New Mafia?

  1. Hey government criminals…. we are watching you. This ALL works both ways.

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