Another Reason to Hate Obama

Obama Linked to Illegal Drugs!



Obama drugsA secret court document reveals that the Obama administration has been cooperating with a Missouri criminal drug syndicate which expedites illicit drug shipments throughout the territorial United States.

The filed affidavit discloses that confessed drug kingpin TOM J CARLSON of Springfield, Missouri has maintained an affiliation with Obama’s Department of Homeland Security.

In his uncontested confession CARLSON admitted to running a drug distribution operation within the city of Branson West, Missouri. He also divulged that the GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES is “fully aware” of his criminal drug syndicate!

Thomas J Carlson

CARLSON allegedly bankrolls Midwest drug production and distribution

A second filing details the horrific magnitude of CARLSON’s repulsive racketeering which includes ordering assassinations; fixing trials; bribing politicians, judges and attorneys; rigging juries; skimming tax dollars and obstructing evidence.

TOM J CARLSON, also known as Thomas J Carlson, is the owner of GREAT SOUTHERN BANCORP, INC. located at 1451 E Battlefield St., Springfield, Missouri as well as the owner of ITEC ATTRACTIONS, INC which encompasses many venues in Branson, Missouri including the IMAX Theater Complex.

Roy Blunt

Funded by a drug syndicate?
Missouri Senator
Roy Blunt

The censored information, which has been withheld from the public on Missouri Case.Net implicates CARLSON and Missouri SENATOR ROY BLUNT in a plot to swindle real estate owner, Lowell Ewalt, and steal a lucrative property once known as Lantern Bay Resort.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that fundraising events for BLUNT have been held in CARLSON’s spacious Springfield home.

Senator Roy Blunt is a former President of Southwest Baptist University and maintains an office in Springfield as does the US Department of Homeland Security.

Enforcement or education in drug-trafficking?

Branson West, Missouri is a tiny town centrally located in the United States.  With a population of less than 500 people and easy access to Route 65 (north/south) and Interstate 44 (east/west), Branson West is the ideal location for warehousing and distributing drugs throughout America.

The city administrator of Branson West is Kenneth Lynn Smith. Local rumor has it that Smith’s ex-wife died in a mysterious automobile accident after she threatened to blow the whistle on the Branson West syndicate.

Doug Rader is the police chief of Branson West.  As a consequence of his former association with COMET, Rader possesses an extensive background in drug-trafficking techniques.

The evidence which incriminates Obama was filed on September 4, 2012 in Stone County Circuit Court, Galena, Missouri.

Obama administration officials were unavailable for comment.

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  1. Zam Miello says:

    Talking about this subject puts a laugh on my face!

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