A Shocking Truth about Homeland Security

Supremacists Assisting Foreign Spies in the US!



Jewish supremacist TOM J CARLSON stare out from over his glasses


Court documents obtained by SHAZER EVERQUAR reveal that a crime syndicate has been facilitating the infiltration of Israeli spies into the United States. A signed confession discloses that Jewish supremacist TOM J CARLSON of Springfield, Missouri is the owner of an enterprise which operated as a front for agents of the Israeli Mossad.

Investigation resulted in the detention and arrests of dozens of suspected Israeli espionage agents at American mall kiosks where embedded Mossad spies sold a toy called Zoom Copter as a front.

Branson IMAX Theatre

Alleged Israeli Spy Front
Branson IMAX Theatre

One such Israeli spy operation was based within the IMAX Theater Complex located on Shepherd of the Hills Expressway in Branson, Missouri. The IMAX is a subsidiary of ITEC ATTRACTIONS, INC which is owned by CARLSON.

As revealed in our previous Exclusive, documents secreted from the public indicate that CARLSON has ties to Obama’s Department of Homeland Security.

Which begs the question, how could it be that a known traitor to the United States maintains a connection with the Department of Homeland Security? Could it be that the very agency which claims to be protecting the people of the United States harbors other intentions?

Zoom Copter

Toy sold by Israeli Spies in Branson

Based upon the evidence, TOM J CARLSON’s traitorous activities extend far beyond the infiltration of foreign spies into America. Filed confessions establish that CARLSON and his criminal drug network exert fiduciary control over the Missouri 39th Circuit Court which operates outside the Constitution of the United States.

Branson IMAX mall

Unsuspecting shoppers gave their money to foreign intelligence agents

Uncontested affidavits also establish that CARLSON orchestrated a cold-blooded ethnic cleansing program carried out against African-Americans in the City of Branson West, Missouri.

[For more details watch parts 3 through 5 of the video series Branson West EXPOSED]

As early as 2002, Fox News revealed that Israeli spies were infiltrating the United States. Intelligence documents detailed hundreds of incidents in cities and towns across the country which investigators said was “an organized intelligence gathering activity” against America.

Branson IMAX sign

This sign should read:
We support the overthrow of America

TOM J CARLSON, also known as Thomas J Carlson, has been associated with fundraising events for Missouri Senator Roy Blunt.

The secret documents which have been hidden from the public and blacked out by mainstream media were filed on September 4, 2012 in Stone County Circuit Court, Galena, Missouri.

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