Are Christian Zionists a Dying Breed?

Sambo’s Victory Heralds End of Christian Zionist Clout

President Barack Obama

Christian Zionists have lost their political clout

As clearly revealed by this Google search graph, interest in Christian Zionism is waning . . .

Graph of Google searches reveals sharp decline in interest regarding Christian Zionism.

Interest in Christian Zionism is severely declining

Having reached its peak in 2006, interest in Christian Zionism is now rapidly fading into the dustbin of history.

What was Christian Zionism?

Christian Zionism was the neo-Nazi notion promoted by Jewish supremacists that all of God’s children are equal but Jews are just a little more equal than the rest of us. In their carefully crafted indoctrination device known as “The Bible”, Jews asserted that they alone were “God’s chosen people.”

We say “carefully crafted” because not all of the available sacred books were included in the Bible. The book of Jasher, the book of Nathan and many other books actually mentioned in the Bible itself cannot be found within it.

Urban Legend Debunked

Now, just as a point of fact, the phrase “God’s chosen people” cannot be found in the Bible. The “chosen” idea begins in Deuteronomy 7:6 where the Bible states:

For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God: the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.

Notice that the present tense is used in the above passage. The Bible does not state that Jews will be a holy people in the future. Nor does it state that Jews are above all people for all time. It merely states Jews were a holy people at that time

So here we have the first of a series of logical fallacies promoted by supremacist Jews and accepted without question by self-hating, guilt-ridden White Christians. The fact that the Jews were a holy people THEN does not make it so NOW.

Religious Totalitarianism

Having been trained since early childhood never to question their teachers, adult Christians hesitated to question their fellow man.  Along came a book supposedly originating from the ULTIMATE authority. Complying with their 12+ years of programming, Christians put their critical thinking on hold and accepted everything written in the Bible without question.

Without a doubt, the Bible is the most wicked propaganda weapon on earth: “You must do as we Jews tell you . . . because GOD said so!

BTW are you aware that Bible publishers are almost exclusively Jewish!  Don’t believe us, do the research: you’ll be shocked.  Jews control the entire publishing industry, not merely the Christian sector.

John Hagee
Every cloud has a mushroom lining

Remember . . . The Bible is THE all-time Best Seller. . . the ultimate MONEY MAKER.  Leave it to the Jews to go to where the money’s at.

Taking advantage of their ability to propagandize the masses, since the mid 1800’s a Jewish supremacy campaign has been promoted to American Christians in the name of God and until recently, they actually bought into that crap!

When we say “bought into” it, we mean they literally paid cash for poisonous idolatry which infected the Christian church.  Fortunately, the disgraceful behavior of irrational American Christians has reached its zenith and is finally on a precipitous decline.

The Fall of Phat Daddy

The preeminent modern wolf in sheep’s clothing is none other than Phat Daddy (John Hagee). In the video, Rapture Ready by Max Blumenthal, Phat Daddy is exposed for what he truly is: a greedy, overbearing, duplicitous facilitator of death. In one of the scenes Phat Daddy calls for a nuclear strike against Iran.  Contrast that with Christ’s statement, “Blessed are the peacemakers” and you’ll begin to understand that Phat Daddy is about as evil as they come.

Not since Jerry Falwell accepted the venal bribe of a private jet from the government of Israel has anyone been so obviously in Satan’s pocket than Phat Daddy.

Since 2006, Phat Daddy (the Jim Jones of the South) has been passing out the Kool-Aid to his poisoned congregation at his splendorama mega-church located in San Antonio, Texas.  Apparently, it gets so hot down there in San Antonio that a lost soul thirsty for Christ will drink just about anything!

The Plummet of Chucky Sleaze

Heading straight down to the bottom of the ravine behind Phat Daddy is none other than Chucky Sleeze (Hal Lindsey). As you may recall, in 1969 Sleezebo attached his name to a book called The Late Great Planet Earth, which was actually written by the Jewess Carole C. Carlson.

Hal Lindsey sitting at desk.  Book, "The Late Great Planet Earth" with hexagram is next to him.

According to Wikipedia, over 30 million copies of the book were sold. Riding the wave of popularity, the nihilistic Jewish propaganda was re-engineered into a movie for mass distribution.

The interesting thing about the movie and the book is that over time they were both proven to be full of crap.

Lindsey’s (I mean Carlson’s) predictions failed to materialize.  Not to be deterred by a little thing like the truth, Sleaze got right back on his horse and wrote (took credit for) 13 additional books. – Surely not for the money! – Without exception, every one of those paperbacks has turned out to be nothing but an atrocious pack of lies.

Sleazebo’s biography also indicates that he has had been married four times. So basically, Chucky Sleaze has averaged three books per wife.  Apparently, three books is as much crap as any wife can stand and they move on.  Sadly Chucky’s readers exhibited nowhere near the intelligence of his wives.  Could it be that so-called “Christians” are demons who actually crave pollution?  How else can one explain the prior phenomenal success of Chucky Sleaze?

Thank God that’s Over!

When Phat Daddy failed to bring home the bacon during the McCain/Obama election, the death knell for his spooky-toothed crew of ethnic supremacists was sounded. Compounding his publicly recognized impotence was the murder of the Christian American, Rachel Corrie, by Israeli terrorists; which was hushed up by the Jewish media but still created lasting damage to the Christian Zionist movement.

President Obama waving to supporters as red, white and blue confetti fallsNow that Sambo has assumed four more years in the satanic ghetto of Washington DC, a thick wooden stake has been driven deep into the heart of the vampiric political movement known as Christian Zionism.  A blip on the radar screen of life that will eventually be regarded as merely ghost interference.

During the last six years, American Christians exhibited behaviors which seemed to suggest they possessed the lowest IQs in the nation (trailing behind the illiterate aliens pouring across our porous borders). Now, having consumed all the sewage that Chucky Sleaze has been willing to dredge up and having donated the proceeds of their late grandmother’s will to Phat Daddy; apparently the fools have run out of money and are no longer throwing their hard-earned cash down the toilet. Better late than never, one supposes.

Whether it’s because the stupid Christians are simply dying off or because Christians everywhere are beginning to use their brains for a change – whatever the reason – the above graph as well as the outcome of this presidential election are clear indicators that the radical extremist movement known as Christian Zionism has finally run its course.

Praise God!

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