4 Great Ways NOT to Follow Jesus !

1 – Try to Be Neutral

Try to believe that the world is neutral territory and that you cannot bring your Christian views within the confines of that territory. You can live your Christian morality at a personal level but try to avoid applying it beyond the personal level.

“A man’s religion and the strength of his conviction are his own personal matter . . . religion should not interfere with politics.” –WGST Atlanta, Ga.

After all, you can’t impose your morality on other people, right? You can’t judge other people. You have to try to be neutral.


Those on the other side are not being neutral. There is no neutrality. It is impossible to be neutral. There is no way to escape the battle. The things that Christians confront occur every day, all the time.  There are no exceptions and there is no place to hide.

The secularists say they want you to be neutral. But what they really want is to neutralize you. They want you to keep your views private.

And face it . . . that hasn’t worked. In fact, while Christians were sitting around being “neutral” secularists moved in and put hate crime laws in place so that to merely speak out against a particular issue is considered a hate crime.  Neutrality is impossible.

2 – Try to Be a Dualist

Dualism is associated with the idea of neutrality but is slightly different. The dualist lives in a Sacred/Secular divide. The dualist claims that his responsibilities extend only to what is sacred (in his or her opinion). Things related to the self and the inner person. So the dualist prays, reads their Bible and goes to church on Sunday

Meanwhile, the dualist leaves the world essentially to Satan. It is their opinion that Satan is the God of this world. Which makes one wonder, if Jesus has been given all authority under heaven and earth then how can Satan be a God? He isn’t a God. His control is induced by the choices of those who have been blinded by his deception

 The Bible does not support dualism:

And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. – Genesis 1:31

Everything that he had made includes the world that he’s given us. We don’t turn God’s very good world over to the Devil.  Neither do we turn the world over to the secularists, those who hate Christ. We, in fact, embrace the world as God’s creation. And as a result of being embraced as God’s creation, we work out our salvation with fear and trembling in every sphere of society.

3 – Try to Be a Gnostic

The Gnostic looks at the Bible as a very narrow focused spiritual book. The Gnostic says the Bible is not enough. One has to have special knowledge above the Bible. The Old Testament is dismissed in many cases. In the New Testament, it’s just the words of Jesus in red letters that count.

So the Gnostic inherently maintains a holier than thou perspective on life. He is above the fray. He has no care for the particulars of “God’s word.” Only as they apply to himself and his own particular world. He leaves the world to the Devil. He has “special knowledge” about things. He is hypercritical of anyone who does not go along with his particular view of the world.

4 – Try to Escape

By giving the world over to the secularists, the Christian experiences the world closing in on them. Having given antichrists free rein in the world, it naturally becomes harder and harder to live in that world.

As a result of believing that they cannot change the world, the Christian is left with the idea that the only way to solve their irreconcilable dilemma is to escape.  Good luck with that!

In Closing

There you have ‘em . . .

4 GREAT ways NOT to follow Jesus!

Perhaps you’re using a couple of them already. Keep up the fine work! You’re on the right road and we both know you have good intentions. I look forward to seeing you real soon.

Warmest Regards,

Satan with a red face and yellow eyes


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