Avoid Those Legal Disasters Redux

Mental Prison

Ignorance is the ultimate prison.

The interesting aspect about mental prisons is that they are effective precisely to the extent that one fails to realize they’re in prison. In other words, mental prisons rely upon delusional egocentricity. The strength and width of the bars are directly correlated with the victim’s degree of self-induced ignorance.

Those who are unlearned in the law are confined behind bars of their own making. The reason why most people fail in court is because they are already behind bars before they even face the judge! The court merely finishes what the self-destructive victim has begun.

The Big Lie

The big lie almost everyone believes is that the law is written in stone and once one learns the necessary tricks, one can be free. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. If you decide to learn what is called “the law” you will progress in stages.

Stage One

The 95% are chickens

Watch as chicken after chicken makes a deal with the prosecutor to have their feathers plucked.

During stage one you will have some minor successes. This will occur because you have taken the court by surprise. You are the fox in a room full of chickens. If you doubt this, just show up to court early and watch as chicken after chicken makes a deal with the prosecutor to have their feathers plucked and plead guilty before the judge even arrives.

If you manage to produce an argument that confounds the judge while the chickens are watching, your case will be dismissed and you will walk out the victor. But unless you are wary, the judge will maneuver you into accepting an Order to Appear for trial on your matter.

Hint: Nothing requires you to accept the Order when it is handed to you. When they try to get you to take it, pull your hands back and ask them, “Am I required by statute to accept this contract?” The correct answer is no. If they say yes, ask them to cite the statute so that you can look it up. They won’t be able to.

The Order to Appear is a trick. The moment that you accept it, you have contracted with the court and you are then obligated to appear. I repeat: the Order to Appear is actually a contract. By accepting their contract you are also accepting their jurisdiction over you. Most of your best legal arguments go right out the window the moment you accept their contract, which is why they offer you one. Like I said . . . it’s a trick.

Stage Two

Crowded Courtroom

If they process your case while other people are in the courtroom, then you’re in stage two.

When you show up to trial there will be lots of other people in the courtroom. If they process your case while other people are in the courtroom, then you’re in stage two.

It is expected that since you are new to the courtroom, you will be intimidated by the crowd. This is a link to an article narrating a stage two hearing which I attended. It was standing room only. The judge and his henchmen were counting on me to fold under the pressure. Instead, I threw out a question regarding the judges ethnicity that backed him on his heels.

[For the truly sincere researcher: a link to the audio/video recording of that event]

Once your local injustice system realizes that you cannot be intimidated, you will enter stage three.

Stage Three

Empty Courtroom

The only way the corrupt system can win is to manipulate your case out of sight of the general public.

You will easily perceive that you’ve reached stage three. When you arrive, you will find that your hearing or trial has been scheduled in a totally EMPTY courtroom! Why is this?

Well, you’re actually being paid a huge compliment. You have learned enough law that the only way the corrupt system can win is to manipulate your case out of sight of the general public. Consult the Sixth Amendment to the US Constitution and you’ll see that what they’re doing is actually against the law. You now have your first major indication that these guys don’t actually follow the law.

The Big Lie Redux

So we come back to the big lie, which is . . . once you have learned enough law you will be able to beat these guys. No, actually the law is merely an intimidation device designed to manipulate you into doing the will of others who intend to take advantage of your ignorance.

Remember the Wizard of Oz? Once you see behind the smoke and mirrors and pull back the curtain, you realize that they’re just pathetic old men. At that point they have no other choice. Since they cannot fool you, they will blatantly cheat you. . . in an empty courtroom with no witnesses.

Avoid Legal Disasters Redux

So how does one win a rigged game like that? Essentially, the hardest step is that you have to find at least two other people (and preferably more) who are willing to learn as much about the law as you have.

Mexican Drug Gang

Your local injustice system is actually no different than a Mexican drug gang.

Bottom line, you cannot go it alone. Your local injustice system is actually no different than a Mexican drug gang, except these guys have badges as well as guns. If you don’t do what they say, they don’t have to kill you and expose themselves to public scrutiny and possibly retribution. They can simply put you in jail, rig your trial so that you are found guilty and then throw away the key.

If that ever happens to you, you will be shocked at how the chickens side with the injustice system. Most people are burdened with large inferiority complexes. Your incarceration helps to assuage their craving for superiority.

To admit that you were unjustly imprisoned would ruin their precarious ego trip. First of all, that makes you their equal. Plus the logic is way too scary. If you’re their equal that means they could wind up being imprisoned just like you.  Although that’s the truth, they won’t want to face it. But most importantly, admitting knowledge of injustice makes them responsible to address that injustice in some manner.

So prepare yourself for the shock of your life when even your best friends ignore everything you say and make no effort whatsoever to investigate your claims. This is the genius of the injustice system. The foxes are merely exploiting the corruption and cowardice of the chickens themselves.

Stage Four

Having gone through the previous three stages, you have wound up finding out who your true friends are. More than likely you’ve experienced some surprising jolts.

Your local injustice system thrives off of the fact that people are not logical. It is simply not logical to assume that the people who enforce the law actually follow it. That assumption is merely a defense mechanism generated by the fear of finding out otherwise. Likewise, it is not logical to assume that the country with the highest per capita incarceration rate in the world (America) has evolved such a system merely by random chance.

American Sheep

There is something terribly wrong in America and it’s the Americans themselves.

There is something terribly wrong in America and it’s the Americans themselves. If you truly want to avoid legal disasters then you’re going to need to find at least two truthful, unselfish, self-disciplined and ruthless people to back you up and participate in the madness with you.

This will not be easy. Most of the courageous Americans have died off and in their place are the most pathetic sheeple imaginable. All the local bullies have to do is say “Boo” and the sheep run the other way.

Avoiding legal disasters portends that you will evolve beyond your fellow citizens. They will intentionally remain ignorant and you will not. Hiding behind their plausible deniability, they will support local corruption while you do not. The people who used to be your friends will turn on you.

The painful truth is that the majority of people are saps and they like it that way. They derive a certain (crazy) sense of security by remaining inside their mental prisons. They spend all of their time bitching about how they were wronged by the government but have no intention of rectifying the situation. They need society to remain wrong so that they can always be right. These mental prisoners will be of little use to you.

Find two people who are willing to confront corruption. If you can find them . . . and it will be harder than you think . . . then begin together to learn what has been deliberately withheld from you in school and in the mainstream media.

You cannot do this alone. But supported by other courageous Americans who are willing to apply themselves and stand up for the truth, you will be well on your way to avoiding legal disasters.

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