The High Cost of Being White

The High Cost of Being WhiteAre you a white person?

Here are the 9 warning signs:

1)      Mild to Deep Psychosis:

a.       Exists within an egocentric delusion.

b.      Imagines that:

        i.      He is “white.”

        ii.     Everything whites do is correct.

        iii.    Any behaviors or statements made by non-whites are automatically invalid unless approved of by two or more whites.

2)      Mind Reading:

a.       Believes he commands the ability to read minds (particularly those of non-whites).

3)      Paranoia:

a.       Believes others (especially non-whites) are plotting against him and desire to hurt him.

4)      Hatred:

a.       Supports any social structure that affirms his egocentricity.

b.      Will commit murder if it is deemed necessary for the preservation of his psychosis.

5)      Addicted to News/Television/Motion Pictures:

a.       Immerses himself daily in the psychotic themes incorporated into mainstream media.

b.      Experiences withdrawal symptoms if he is not continually programed.

6)      Conformity:

a.       Fellow psychotics offer mental and emotional support which elevates his self-esteem.  He dares not risk their disapproval.

7)      Dependency:

a.       Cannot endure lengthy periods of solitude unless an addiction delivery device (I-pad, Kindle, smartphone, cellphone, computer, television or book) is available to supply an ego fix.

8)      Guilt:

a.       Knows he is benefiting from an evil system but is addicted to the financial and psychological benefits derived from the injustice.

9)      Denial:

a.       The pain of guilt requires him to shut down major portions of his thinking process.

b.      Note: The social phenomenon known as “dumbing down” is not a malevolent conspiracy.  Rather, it is the natural long-term consequence of white people repeatedly administering self-inflicted lobotomies in an effort to attenuate their persistent cognitive dissonance.

Pass this on to a fellow sufferer . . . .

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