Jewish Internet Provocateurs

-Harrison, Arkansas

topix-logoSources have revealed that Talmudic Jews have been engaged in an anti-American stealth campaign designed to manipulate public opinion and destroy the harmonious social fabric of America.

Discovered in Boone County

A Jewish terrorist cell has been discovered within Boone County, Arkansas.  Their base of operation on the internet was Topix, a localized opinion forum.

Jewish Masqueraders

The stealth agents of hate pretended to be white Boone County residents.  Masquerading as locals, the Jewish imposters filled the Harrison forums with subtly worded hate speech, giving unsuspecting readers across the country the false impression that Boone County was a hotbed of rabid racism.

Three’s not a charm

Our independent investigation exposed a trio of anti-American collaborators hiding behind the following usernames:

1)      “ClaytonF”
2)      “rzrbck”
3)      “Crazy Eyes Killa”

The third infiltrator could be described as “the abominable walking toilet”, spewing obscenities which no white person would ever say in a million years.

International ill repute

Because the Harrison Topix forum may be viewed around the world, it offered these radical Jewish extremists the opportunity to covertly damage the reputation, stability and economy of Boone County on a worldwide scale while operating on a shoestring budget.  (I’m going to resist the temptation to say: “Typical Jew Thinking”).

Flushed out into the open

In a concerted effort to smoke out these Jewish fanatics, a series of provocative threads was opened on Topix.  We include for your inspection, the clincher thread.  Check out these revealing exchanges.  Our analysis will follow . . .

Jewish Provocateurs on Topix
Beware Ritual Murder Holiday

Topix 5

Topix 7
Topix 8


March 13

11truthseeker states a fact.  Jews possess a two thousand year history of committing ritual murders during their Passover.  For example, a Jewish ritual murder was committed in Lead Hill, Arkansas on March 20, 1999.

ClaytonF says, “Where do you come up with all your off the wall ideas?”  He is referring to the many comments 11truthseeker wrote in previous Ku Klux Klan threads. (We have chosen not to publish those threads for obvious reasons.  We don’t promote hate speech here).

The most important point to notice is that ClaytonF did not say: “Where did you come up with THAT idea.”  He said, “Where do you come up with ALL your off the wall IDEAS” (plural).

March 14

ClaytonF denies that he is a Jew.  He also denies that he has been tracking 11truthseeker despite the fact that 24 hours earlier he admitted that he has been observing 11truthseeker’s “IDEAS” (plural) !

March 15

Once again, ClaytonF denies he is a Jew.  He claims his “real name” is Clayton Fields.  At this point, a second agent (“rzrbck”) compares 11truthseeker to Hitler (a standard Jewish canard).  Plus, just sit back and think about it . . . who is more likely to come up with the analogy of HITLER . . . a white person or a Jew?  Really.

protect-americaMarch 19

ClaytonF realizes his cover is blown and having denied on numerous occasions that he’s a Jew, he finally admits that HE IS A JEW!


  • Agent provocateur ClaytonF repeatedly lied.
  • Once he realized that we were not fooled, he confessed he’s a Jew.
  • ClaytonF said that his “real name” is Clayton Fields.
  • There is no such person as “Clayton Fields” listed in the Boone County, Arkansas phone directory.  (Since ClaytonF is an admitted liar, this comes as no big surprise).
  • As revealed by their dialogue, the Jews are desperate to uncover our source for this story.

outside-houseCitizens Alert!

Be on the lookout for THREE JEWISH AGENT PROVOCATEURS in Boone County, Arkansas pretending to be white:

ClaytonF is a college graduate with either an AA or BA degree.  He is between 45 to 55 years old.

rzrbck is a high school graduate with possibly some specialized training.  He has at least one child under the age of 23 years old.  He is somewhat younger than ClaytonF.

Crazy Eyes Killa is a high school dropout over the age of 55.  He most likely owns a Harley but is incapable of repairing it himself.


The Boone County internet hate sites are premeditated anti-American infiltrations orchestrated and bankrolled by Jews pretending to be white people.  They are located in Boone County because the Jews believe that white people in the Ozarks are just too frickin’ stupid to figure out their con game.

Protect-AmericaPerhaps the Jews are correct.  Perhaps the white people of the Ozarks are incredibly dumb; perhaps as dumb as rocks.  Nevertheless, now that we know who they are, it is high time for the real Americans to expel the ethnic terrorists from our communities and return our country to the peace and prosperity we deserve.

This publication has done its part.

Now it’s time for you to do yours!





Someone claiming to be one of the Jewish perpetrators sent us the following email:

Hello there!
Boy, you are one dumbass, even for a moon cricket.
Wait, let me introduce myself, before I get too carried away.
My name is Clayton Fields, you may remember me from the Harrisin Topix as “ClaytonF”.
I just wanted to correct your widdle assumptions.
First off, what the actual fuck is a “Talmudic Jew”? (Apparently I am one????) although I AM kinda big headed now that I’ve been labeled part of a jew terror cell.
And um, your information about me is all wrong.
I’m white (the only thing you got correct), I’m not 45-55 years old (I’m slightly under 40), I do not have a BA or AA in anything (although I did go to community college years ago. (I have been a convicted felon for many years)
And, no, there is not a Clayton Fields listed in the Boone County telephone directory. ( most people have cell phones nowadays), but I do not live in Boone county, I tend to go to jail just about every time I step into Boone County, so I stay away. I live in Madison County.
If your research was worth a shit, you would have been able to find me all over the Internet. (Criminal court records, newspaper stories, and Facebook.
And, um, I’m not a Jew…and even though I called you a moon cricket, I am not racist either. (I have many black friends, but you exhibit all characteristics of a typical nigger)
And once again, I am not hard to locate, should you wish to discuss this in person. Whereas you, are hiding behind a keyboard.
We do have one thing in common though, apparently neither one of us much care for Jews, or law enforcement in southwest Missouri.

Clayton F.


When we sent a certified email requesting legal verification, suddenly the mysterious person went silent and disappeared.

We think the Jews are none too happy about being exposed and hope to put the genie back in the bottle.

Good luck with that.

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