Jews Must Leave Harrison

Jews Must LEAVE HarrisonIt was the night of the living dead, a moonlit evening in 1902, when demonic Jews stalked the dusty streets of Harrison, Arkansas.  Wretched soulless animals tortured church-going men, raped married women and viciously slaughtered innocent children.

At the climax of their inhuman orgy of death, the wild Jewish jackals burned down the homes of the noble African-Americans driving them into the streets and in due course out of Harrison.    Fleeing with only their lives and the clothes on their backs, the former Moorish residents were forced to abandon the totality of their worldly possessions.

Vile mercenary Jews greedily seized all of the properties and financial assets of the peaceful African-American community of Harrison.  Meanwhile, contemptible so-called “Christians” sat idly by and allowed the horrific blood-letting to transpire without so much as lifting a finger to aid their fellow Christians.  Yes, that’s correct: the African-Americans driven out of Harrison were Christians.  They had built a godly church and the roots of their morality penetrated deep into the community.

Aided and abetted by the wicked white Judases, fiendish ghouls crucified the Disciples of Christ.  Beasts from Hell scorched into Harrison’s vain history, the same horror perpetrated against tenant farmers by Jewish carpetbaggers after the Civil War.

Now one hundred and eleven years later, the suspected Jewish mayor, “Crocodile” Crockett, has slithered his scaly belly down to Little Rock and attempted to launch a preposterous propaganda campaign advocating the Pollyanna premise that vampires are not treacherous and reptiles should be greeted with open arms by African-Americans.

This is the same Crocodile whose unqualified Jewish junior took advantage of trumped up charges to steal a job from an honorable Harrison woman with twenty years of experience. The same Crocodile who offered to buy a business in Harrison and asked the owners for advice on how to run such an enterprise, then defaulted on the purchase, bought a competing location and tried to drive the same company that gave him the expert advice out of business!

Yes, Crocodile and his scaly minions have logged a lengthy history of backstabbing and double-dealing against Harrison gentiles.  Running out of fresh meat to butcher, Crocodile took his puppet show on the road to Little Rock.  An obvious student of Joseph Goebbels, Crocodile promoted the big lie down south hoping the Moors were too dumb to notice that the entire presentation was nothing but – a crock.

The Harrison Holocaust

The Pollyanna premise that vampires are not treacherous and reptiles should be greeted with open arms by African-Americans.

Of course, the crooked crock and his craven cronies have failed to give an accounting of (let alone even mention) their outstanding debts.  The silence on these matters is deafening.

Captivated by their bizarre hallucinations, the demonstrably neurotic Harrison Chamber of Commerce and psycho City Council fantasize that their mad pipedream of profit through plunder shall fare them no repercussions in the real world.  But for those of us who remain sane, it is time to face some basic scientific facts.

Jews must leave Harrison.  It is a universal law that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Therefore, it is only a matter of time before everything that should have been surrendered by the Jewish creatures many decades ago shall be repossessed by African-Americans.

Jews must leave Harrison.  If every action creates an equal and opposite reaction then it is only a matter of time before Jews shall be swinging from the bridge in Harrison, the way Moors swung there a century earlier.  And you can rest assured all of their Jew-loving sycophants will be swinging right along beside them.

Jews must leave Harrison.  They shall leave cordially surrendering the entirety of their stolen assets to their rightful heirs or they shall leave in zippered plastic bags.  Either outcome will satisfy both the law and the prophets. For the laws of God are immutable.

The hobgoblins of Harrison have accrued an insane amount of bad karma and are living under the impending sword of Damocles. No amount of nigger-rigged Jewish affirmative action can hope to preclude their inexorable damning fate.

It’s as certain as scripture: Jews must leave Harrison.

As certain as death and taxes: Jews must leave Harrison.

And how shall they leave?

They shall pass in a peaceful exodus . . . Or through the parting of a deep red sea.

– Anonymous

They shall pass

They shall pass in a peaceful exodus . . . Or through the parting of a deep red sea.

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