Newest Jewish Hoax: The Non-African

From the same people who brought you The Bell Curve, Not Out of Africa, Sandy Hook (and the Boston Massacre?) comes the newest Jewish hoax: The Non-African.  Watch their propaganda video and then read our comments below.

Roster of Paid Propagandists

  • Richard Green – Ashkenazi Jew
  • David Reich – Ashkenazi Jew
  • Svante Paabo – Sephardic Jew
  • Chris Stringer – Ashkenazi Jew

Jewish-funded organizations:

  • Department of Evolutionary Genetics, MAX-PLANCK Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Germany
  • University of California, Santa Cruz

Loaded logical non sequiturs:

  • Must have occurred
  • It is inferred
  • Perhaps
  • May suggest
  • May need to be
  • Evidence suggesting
  • Allowing for
  • May spark
  • Would have
  • No evidence
  • Would have allowed

Check out all the pretty graphs designed to intimidate non-scientists which actually tell you NOTHING.

Especially note the racist catch-phrase: “Sub-Saharan.”  Everyone from the Klan to the Aryan Nations uses it.  Watch for it in the future.

Flagrant racist inventions (The Big Lie):

  • “people who have not inherited African ancestry” = No such person on earth!
  • Maybe they’re talking about aliens or perhaps reptilians. (he he he)
  • False dichotomy: Indigenous Africans – Non Africans
  • Correct dichotomy: Indigenous Africans – Transcontinental Africans


  • First they admit that EVERYBODY is from Africa.
  • Next they start talking about “Non-Africans.”
  • Holy crap, do the Jews think you’re stupid or what!
  • Question is – Are you?
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