Christ Killers Posing as Pastors

Diamond City, Arkansas

Anti-American Agenda

Christ-Killers in the PulpitSHAZER EVERQUAR has uncovered what appears to be a Jewish intelligence network with an anti-American agenda operating in Boone County, Arkansas.  Sources indicate the subversive operation is headquartered at Lord of the Lake Lutheran Church in Diamond City, Arkansas; a so-called evangelical church that has spun a tangled web of anti-Christian deception.

The Poor Be Damned

Our investigation began last winter when these reprehensible counterfeits circulated posters at several locations in Diamond City claiming they were going to assist the local poor.  However, in reality, the so-called “helpers” merely helped themselves to a gluttonous feast while failing to provide aid to even one person in the community!

Alerted to this abysmal state of affairs by former Lord of the Lake pastor Don Reichter, an appointment was arranged between the author of this blog and the purported female pastor, Marge Doyle.  At that meeting Pastor Doyle stated that her church could donate $100 dollars to aid with our winter heating bill.  Despite her “holy” assurances, the money never materialized.

The Bad Samaritan

A couple of weeks later, Ms. Doyle stated that she would retrieve an application for heating assistance from another organization, Ozark Opportunities.  But she failed to keep her word, which retarded the application by two weeks and resulted in the program closing before we were able to receive support.

A few months later Doyle pledged that she would supply weekday transportation into Harrison, Arkansas, which is directly on the way to her employment.  However, merely four days later, the egocentric Doyle reneged on her pledge.  Apparently Doyle is an à la carte preacher who finds the story of the Good Samaritan distasteful to her palate.

Alien Terrorists Milking the System

Further investigation has revealed that Doyle’s husband is a former Irish IRA operative who now receives a tidy monthly sum from disability paid to him by the United States.  Chock that up to yet more preferential treatment for aliens instead of native-born Americans.  A couple of weeks ago Herr Doyle was spotted jaunting up and down the stairs of the Boone County Library which causes us to wonder whether he is legitimately impaired or criminally milking the system.

Believe It or Not!

Lord of the Lake sign

Aliens milking the system

Our loathing turned to shock upon discovering that not all Irish people are Protestants or Catholics.  Amazingly enough, a significant portion of the shamrock folk are – in fact – JEWS and the surname “Doyle” is a common JEWISH name.  Even more staggering was the fact unearthed by an associate that one of the spellings of Mr. Doyle’s first name is Yiddish and translates into “private investigator.”

Extreme Behavior

A face to face encounter with the alleged Jewish insurgent revealed that he is certainly no lover of people of color.  In fact, the author would comment that he was treated with more dignity and respect by Thom Robb, the grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, than by the insurrectionary Mr. Doyle.  Perhaps that is an indication of the level of extremism which boils beneath the former terrorist’s outwardly calm exterior.  You be the judge.

Network of Contempt

Interestingly enough, the supposedly disabled subversive is operating under the cover of a counselor for House of Hope in Harrison, Arkansas, which is run by Ken Bailey.  You can imagine our surprise when research disclosed that “Bailey” is ALSO a JEWISH surname!  In fact, the incidence of Jews named “Bailey” is even higher than those named “Doyle.”

That would explain why Lord of the Lake church failed to give aid to anyone in their local community last winter.  That would explain why the behavior of fraudulent female pastor, Marge Doyle, reveals utter contempt for the teachings of Christ.

Welcome to Lord of the Lake Lutheran Church

Lord of the Lake

Treacherous White Trash

Witness the treachery of the Jews, the people who murdered Christ.  They have infiltrated Christianity and ascended to positions of leadership.  Now they are murdering the Church itself.  The compromised Lord of the Lake Lutheran Church has torn the book of Luke right out of the Bible and tossed it into the trash can, giving a whole new meaning to the expression “white trash.”

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