Stone County Missouri – Target of Federal Investigation


Stone County Missouri - Target of Federal Investigation

Stone County Missouri – Target of Federal Investigation

Stone County Missouri has received an inquiry from the Federal government concerning the false incarceration of Shazer Everquar.  It now falls upon that crooked county to explain how Mr. Everquar was kept in jail for a period of nearly a year and a half without a trial.

Officials from Stone County were contacted but failed to comment on the case.

Stone County Judicial Center

Stone County Judicial Center

Shazer Everquar was arrested in late August of 2010 and charged with two class C felonies for allegedly impeding a judicial preceding and impeding a judicial officer.

It should be noted that previous to being assailed with those charges, Mr. Everquar was charged by the same officials for: 1) making a gun-like gesture 2) harassing his apartment manager on the internet and 3) touching a white woman’s hair.  We kid you not.

Once all three charges were dismissed, Everquar was then charged with two class C felonies for a total sentence of fourteen years if convicted.

Courts do not follow the US ConstitutionInterestingly, the judge who was allegedly impeded by Mr Everquar was not a witness in his own case.  In other words, Stone County claimed that the judge was harassed by Everquar but did not witness it.
Let that sink in for a moment . . .

On Friday, January 17th, a federal investigative administrator faxed a letterhead of inquiry to officials in Stone County concerning the mysterious, supernatural harassment of Judge Robert S. Wiley by Shazer Everquar.

As a final note: Case number 10SN-CR00760-01 [State of Missouri vs Shazer Everquar] has mysteriously disappeared from public scrutiny on Missouri Case net.  Be that as it may, a federal investigation bodes ill for Stone County’s attempted cover-up.

More details as soon as they arrive . . .

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