Jews Lose Prolonged Staring Contest

News Flash: the jews blinked firstTotal Vindication

Having endured eight years of unabated harassment by Jewish political hacks and their criminal banking cronies, Shazer Everquar has been vindicated of all criminal charges maliciously prosecuted by Stone County Circuit Court.

We Give Up!

On January 24, 2014 Stone County Circuit Court yielded to pressure brought upon them by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and produced their Notice of Nolle Prosequi.  Which is a fancy way of saying they quit.



The obviously backdated document is a textbook case of Jewish subterfuge.  Click on the picture to the left and read the Certificate of Service.

On what date does it say they mailed a copy of that document to Shazer Everquar?

Oh Look!  That line is blank – as in NEVER.

Jewish Arrogance

In other words, even though Stone County, Missouri was required by statute to send a copy of the above notice to Shazer Everquar, they never did and they were even quite blatant about it.

People ask me what I have against carpetbaggers (Southern Jews).  Well, how about the arrogance of breaking the same laws the shysters love to impose upon us.  One set of rules for them, another for us.  That’s about as UN-American as it gets, friend.

Shazer Everquar_Check Mating Jews Since 2005Prepare for the Endgame

It took eight years of courageously staring directly into the jaundiced eyes of the Jewish drug lords of Stone County, Missouri.  Nevertheless, the evil-doers have been overcome. With all of their money and supposed network of power, they still wound up blinking.  That’s Check.

And now the remaining board pieces slowly begin to coalesce into a foreboding, irrepressible Mate.

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