How to Spot Jewish Trolls

radical extremists stalking the internet

Have you ever watched the television show “Criminal Minds”?

The premise of the dramatic series is that the minds of serial killers can be profiled.  Therefore, their actions can be predicted and intercepted.

However, the science of psychological profiling is not limited merely to serial murderers.  Dangerous sociopathic personalities of ANY variety can be profiled; including radical extremists and ethnic terrorists attempting to destroy the harmonious fabric of our precious society.

Pagan Jewish Terrorists


The Jewish Defense League in a “show of solidarity” within illegal West Bank settlements

As the above photo demonstrates, Israel has its share of pagan Jewish terrorists.  And yet photos such as this one are suppressed by the mainstream media.

Why is it that the public is given a distorted view and only told about Muslim terrorists without being told about the pagan Jewish terrorists?

Pagan Jewish Entertainers

Not every pagan Jewish terrorist is of the gun-toting variety.  Some are more insidious, preferring to kill their victims with poison rather than bullets.

Amazingly enough, some have even managed to package their poison under the guise of entertainment.

For example, in one episode of his show, Larry David urinates on a picture of Christ and then presents his tasteless, offensive attack on Christianity as being humorous.

Larry DavidOne can only wonder if Mr. David would find it just as humorous if a group of Christians urinated on him.

Does such a mass media presentation featuring a pagan Jew urinating on a picture of Christ offer a role model which is beneficial for our society?  You decide.

Jewish-internet-trollPagan Jewish Commentators

Reinforcing the filthy Jewish jesters on television are the surreptitious internet propaganda trolls.

These pagan Jews hide behind computer screens secreted in darkened rooms.  From their macabre grottos they monitor social forums such as Topix and YouTube with the primary purpose of instigating poisonous hatred and social division.

Six Red Flags

To profile dangerous pagan Jews on the internet, be on the lookout for the following six red flags . . .

Profiling criminal minds

1) Severity

Jewish SeverityThe first characteristic which distinguishes the pagan Jew is the severity of his racism. Observe this encounter on YouTube with a pagan Jewish internet terrorist who calls himself Terrafirma91 (Terror)Firma:


No way could the true tribe of Israel be Moors. Israel was to be a great nation (Manasseh), as well as a host of great nations (Ephraim). Moors have NEVER had a great nation. Moors have never had a written language. Moors are not great builders. Let them believe what they want. Manasseh=United States. Ephraim=UK, and affiliated nations within her commonwealth.

Notice, first of all, the incredible hyperbole: “Moors have NEVER had a great nation.”  No doubt, there are whites who actually believe this statement.  But even so, they would never speak it in public.

If you doubt this, then ask your white friends if they would ever write such a thing in public.  The answer is no.

2) Stealth

Similar to the tactics of computer hackers, rabid pagan Jews inject their poisonous social commentaries while cloaking themselves in a false identity . . .
the identity of a white person.

The White Rights Movement

They said middle eastern DNA was in them not that the original Jews were African looking, there’s a big difference there. The reason these people look African is because the original population of Jews intermarried and mixed with native Africans.

Our Response . . .

Dear Jewish agent, apparently, you’ve never read the Bible.  The oldest Egyptian statues (which are never shown to the general public) reveal that they were dark pigmented Africans and Moses passed for an Egyptian. There are DOZENS of other facts revealed in other vids on this channel that crush you to a pulp.  shalom

Ad Hominem3) Ad Hominem Response

The White Rights Movement
Uhh ya ok lol

Whenever you expose a pagan Jew, their first response will be an ad hominem attack.  They will call you “nuts”, “crazy”, etc. (or imply that you are).  And then, at the very end – almost without exception – they’ll write . . . “lol”.

Our Response . . .

Did you know that you Jews can be profiled?  And did you know that ad hominem attacks (especially ending with “lol”) are SOP for Jews. In other words, you just PROVED you’re a Jew.

Jews-in-Denial4) Denial

Pagan Jews cannot admit they’re terrorists trolling the internet.  So when you call them out, denial is really their only option.

 The White Rights Movement
Ya Im so jewish, my DNA test says otherwise 99% European,
what does yours say

Obfuscation of the Issues5) Obfuscation of the Issues

Did you catch how he tried to prey upon your ignorance about DNA?  If not, reading my answer to him will help you catch on . . .

I’ve been profiling Jewish rhetoric for eight years now and once again you fit the profile perfectly.

First of all, we’ve caught you in a lie (which is what you Askanazis do):

NO ONE on the planet has “99% European DNA” because EVERYONE (including you) has a significant portion of African DNA, certainly more than 1%.  Which is what it would have to be for your lie to hold out.

Ashkanazis ARE Europeans.  So you’ve said NOTHING which denies that you’re a Khazar cracker.


More-Ad-Hominem6) Cyclical Ad Hominems

The White Rights Movement
Your a delusional fucktard, why would you think that what you think even matters to me I, I think your the one thats jewish LOL

Notice that once we called this pagan Jew on his pseudo-scientific bullcrap, he had no back up whatsoever.  Bankrupt of any facts to support his argument, he cycles back to attacking me as a person.  Once again he relies on the cliché Jewish toll tag (“lol”), which he has now capitalized, hoping for greater emphasis.

Profiling the Jewish Internet TerroristVast Body of Knowledge

We’ve been analyzing the rabid hate mail and distorted commentaries of pagan Jews since 2006 and have discovered that upon close examination one can discern very predictable patterns of behavior demonstrated by these social offenders.

Social terrorists are criminals.  And all criminals can be profiled.  This article is merely an introduction to the tip of the iceberg of what has become over the years, a vast body of knowledge.

Try it yourself and see

Try it yourself and seeWe encourage you to begin profiling commentators that you run into on the internet and you’ll be both shocked and amazed to discover that a majority of those vicious racists you encounter will turn out to be pagan Jewish supremacists.

All this time you had assumed that those haters were white people.  But once you start profiling them, the astonishing truth comes rising to the surface.  Lo and behold . . . they’re not white people at all . . . they’re Jewish social terrorists!

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3 Responses to How to Spot Jewish Trolls

  1. Wide Open says:

    I had a few alright, just got a visit from jewcore666 lolling about…

  2. sfdgdh says:

    I think you are one of them.

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