Radical Jewish Extremists on YouTube

Jewish Censorship

The YouTube “community” ?

There is an observable phenomenon on the internet for those with eyes to see.  Just go to youtube.com and pull up any pro-African video, particularly those involving lost history of the Moors.

You will find all of those videos are chock full of racist commentators denouncing the video. Meanwhile, there are earnest Africans and Europeans who try to take these racists on.

Highly Organized

Upon close examination, it became obvious to me, that the vicious bigoted commentaries were well-organized.


Having become adept at profiling Jewish trolls, it was rather apparent that the writings on YouTube were not merely independent sporadic commentaries written by lonely self-alienated white insomniacs.  Rather, these were 24/7 highly-organized, systematic attacks.

Attacks fomented by Jews.

So  about four days ago, I began exposing the YouTube commentators for what they were: subversive Jewish trolls pretending to be white people.

Jewish Internet Gangbang

Within 48 hours we were methodically attacked by a gang of radical Jewish extremists calling themselves “They Can’t”. The gangbanging Jewish jihadists mounted a nefarious campaign against our YouTube channel (the source that feeds this blog). They flagged all of the YouTube video on Jews, including one narrated by Bobby Fischer.  Yes, believe it or not, they accused Bobby Fischer (a Jew) of being AN ANTI-SEMITE!

They even attacked Bobby Fischer!

They even attacked Bobby Fischer!


And as you have seen for yourself . . .they got away with it!  At least in the short term.

Unfortunately for them, they and their radical agenda have now been exposed. Which, of course, we shall be looking into.

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