Christianity is Tainted With Satanism

Judaic Infestation

The insidious Satanic evil of post-Babylonian Judaism infests the entirety of modern Christian doctrine. Both Judaism and Christianity are based upon segregation. Both maintain the central tenet that they are separate from the rest of humanity.  Both are joined at the hip in Old Testament memes of a violent angry God who wipes out humanity in fits of rage.  The New Testament can not stand alone, without the Old Testament it makes no sense.

You must have sin and eternal punishment to justify the Jesus (pagan) sacrifice.  Without Hell, what need is there of Jesus?  Without the judgmental Yahweh, who needs to be saved?  In other words, Christianity is fully dependent upon the principle of Judaic judgment.  If you do not have the judgmental stories of the Old Testament, you would not need a savior.

Tainted with Judaism

Some people would have you believe that Christians and Jews are miles apart, separate species, but that is merely smoke and mirrors.  They are the same beast with different stripes.  Christianity is a religion created out of Judaism.  Although Pagan myths were used to create the template for the Jewish savior, Christianity’s real loyalty can be seen in their favoritism with Israel, which by any gauge, is evil to the core.

So this taint of Judaism was transferred into the new religion, those exclusivity memes went from Judaism into Christianity.  One of the most deadly concepts of all time is the premise of separation.

First and foremost, God is separate from you therefore you must do something to change that.  Secondly, the Jews are “chosen” and therefore separate from everyone else.  Of course, God likes them better.  And nobody seems to notice that this claim is being made by the people who wrote the book.  How convenient is that?  If you’re not a Jew then you’re screwed, and God will hate you eternally unless you accept Jesus as your lord.

Only the post-Babylonian Zadokites would be so arrogant as to proclaim that they possess an exclusive covenant with God.  And let’s see – the persons making this claim just happen to be the ones who wrote and published the book!  Only an infantilized population, weaned on the tit of a Neo-Socialist system, would possess such a low level of critical judgment as to passively accept such an obviously flawed logical construct.

Such ideas are now rejected by those who possess synapses that still function.  Sane persons do not “believe” in Jesus.  In Joseph Atwill’s best seller, “Caesar’s Messiah”, Jesus is revealed to be a historically provable 100% literary construct of Rome.

Without any hard evidence that such a man existed, yet with tons of evidence that he didn’t , a rational mind must conclude that Jesus never existed. This has left Christ’s church in a big predicament, the main guy has been outed as a fake.  The heart of the church has been cut out, what is left is a hollow shell of retarded belief based upon nothing.

The only reason Christianity still exists is because it is a spell.  A paradigm shift is needed for most people to transition out of that spell.  What these people need to know is that God isn’t out to get you.

Without Anger, an EPIC FAIL

If no angry god exists, then no one can be judged in the next life, nor is anyone going to hell.  Such fear porn only manages to hold the minds of under-educated peasants who are traumatized by their judgmental egocentric consciousness.  Fundamentalist Christianity necessitates that its victims be under-educated, willful, ignorant redneck pricks, because no truly sane enlightened mind can possibly withstand what the salvation churches are attempting to sell.

We know exactly where the angry god concept comes from.  It was a creation spawned during pre-scientific times.  Thunder and lightning were not from thunderstorms but considered expressions of God’s anger.  Does anyone believe that now?

Jew God is Angry

The angry god hypothesis was a flawed misreading of nature.  Unfortunately, whole mythologies were constructed around the angry god belief.  For those who believe in the angry god concept, the mere concept transmutes itself into real world warfare, because we make real what we believe.  If we believe that we are all going to hell automatically for being born, such fear promotes anger.  And that anger promotes a culture eager to go to war.

At the front line of this angry god religion are Jews – who are making war on the world, the evil manifestation of their Babylonian Talmudic beliefs.  The angry warfare within the Old Testament is used to motivate modern Christians into battles for the Jews.  Those ancient tribal memes are being acted out to this day.

The angry god of the Jews, Yahweh, tells them to kill everything in the Torah, and right now they are acting out these barbaric Yahweh myths in the Middle East including committing genocide of the Palestinians in their own homeland.  Of course, how can any Christian object?  They did the same to the Native Americans, killing over 100 million, one of the biggest genocides in all of history.

So what is Christianity’s true purpose?  The secret agenda of Christianity is to foster Judaism in the subconscious minds of its victims, thus allowing Satanic Zionist Jews a free reign in wrecking the world.  The New World Order is really the Jewish Supremacy Despotism, it is really hard-core primitive tribal racism being adroitly applied with modern psychological weapons.

Belief trumps evidence.  Superstition rules the minds of those who have chosen to limit their minds to believing instead of knowing.

The self-appointed victims “believe” the Scofield Bible myths that were financed by Jews.  Especially the part about Israel being favored by God.  This has allowed the Rothschild creation called “Israel” to act like the Old Testament God and kill everything.  While Christians were spellbound, Israel got away with murder and most Christians looked the other way.

Rational people are connecting the dots. We understand that the Zio-spell of Christianity is the secret ingredient driving the politics and war machine of the United States, financed entirely by Jewish banksters.

We also see that Christians have made an unholy alliance with Satan, (i.e., genocidal Israel).  This must end, not only because we must stop killing in the name of God.  But also because what we are doing is threatening our very existence.

It is a historic and provable scientific fact that Israel is an existential threat to the United States.  It’s high time we break the Zio-spell of Christianity and withdraw support from the macabre Zionist nightmare state of Is-ra-hell.  The ultimate nexus of planetary evil is post-Babylonian Judaism. And without the support of the 2.2 billion Gentile zombies it ceases to exist.

Which shall be blessing for all of us.

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