Outrageous Jew Propaganda

Is there NO lie that Jews will not tell?
In case you haven’t figured it out by now: ISIS = CIA = MOSSAD = JEWS


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4 Responses to Outrageous Jew Propaganda

  1. I’m no longer convinced that the answer exists wholly in the place now known as “Africa”. Likewise, I don’t believe “Zionism” is the enemy. The Ashkenazis call themselves “Jews” and I am happy to let them have that moniker, since the people in the Bible are actually Israelites. So Jews are the enemy. With the exception of the brave few who risk their lives to expose the others.

    I am noticing that Africa, Asia and Europe are actually ONE CONTINENT. But we were taught to believe that they were three separate ones. We have been lied to on a gigantic scale and you have to be willing to continue climbing through the rubble to get to the truth.
    This comment is updated by this: https://shazereverquar.wordpress.com/2018/04/19/12027/

  2. Uhuru says:

    But wait, rational adults? Fraud? Moors? Am I miss sumthng? Zionist is any (fool) who embrace israel’s right to exist, regardless. Zionism is any religious (fool) who embrace any abrahamic myths. Sara or Sa-Ra people of Chad holds the key to understanding rational adults & Moors.

  3. I’ve not seen that particular one, although I have seen at least one other video from the past which contained the same disclosure.

    At this point, rational adults know that ISIS is a fraud. The advanced ones know that it is a RACIAL attack against the Moors which is failing miserably.

  4. Uhuru says:

    Have you seen the “1990 C-Span interview with Brain Lamb, Dan Ravi & Yossi Melman, “ISIS= Israeli Secret Intelligence Service” where they admit such facts.

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