Bill Gates EXPOSED

The Pseudo-Christian Crypto-Jew

According to Greg T Dixon, a high school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, Bill Gates is intentionally hiding the fact that he’s a Jew.

Gates, after his nose job

Gates, after his nose job

Switching Identities Runs in the Family

Dixon said, a long time ago Bill Gates’ father (Bill Gates Sr.) made the decision to assume a false identity because he thought there were far too many “prominent Jews” in America and didn’t want the public to become aware of the statistically skewed accumulation of wealth and land ownership by Jews.  Thus, to avoid tipping off the general public that the majority of wealthy people in America are Jews, a transformation from Jew to Christian was concocted.

Bill Gates' Jewish Parents

Bill Gates’ Jewish Parents

Interestingly, Bill Gates Sr. has a history of performing this underhanded legerdemain.  Check out his bio on Wikipedia and notice it mentions that he changed his name from Bill Gates II to Bill Gates Jr. “to avoid the appearance of elitism” (supposedly).

Dixon said Bill Gates’ mother is also a Jew (Mary Maxwell Gates) and played her part in the Gates family coverup by commissioning an oil painting portrait tinted to make her look more Caucasian than her original Jewish heritage.

Mary Maxwell Gates

Mary Maxwell Gates

If you check out Bill Gates’ bio on Wikipedia (which is controlled by Jews), it says that he is of English, German and Scottish-Irish descent.   Keep in mind there are English Jews, German Jews and even Scotch-Irish Jews.  Kosher-controlled Wikipedia simply tells you HALF of the truth and conveniently leaves out the other half.  Let every person of English, German, Scottish or Irish descent become aware that the Jew is making back-handed attempts to infiltrate your heritage and obscure the truth from you.

Jew Boy Gates

“Jew Boy Gates”

According to Dixon, this is the same type of deception used by the Crypto-Jews Heinrich Himmler, Rudolf Hess, Josef Mengele, Adolf Eichmann, and Joseph Gobbles during WW II.  The textbooks and documentaries published by Jews conveniently forget to mention that Jewish double agents surrounded Hitler.

They also fail to mention that Jews shaped the direction of WWII by controlling most of Hitler’s decisions, as well as executing orders without Hitler’s knowledge or consent.  For example, the infamous exterminations at the labor camps were secretly and unilaterally carried out by the Crypto-Jews Himmler and Eichmann.

Himmler, Hess, Mengele and Eichmann

(Left to right) Crypto-Jews: Himmler, Hess, Mengele and Eichmann

Secret Population War

While Americans slumber watching television, Jewish eugenicist Bill Gates is quietly attempting to control the world’s population through use of GMO’s and vaccines, which he abundantly funds.

The Jew World Order

Exactly why would Bill Gates want to deceive people into believing that he’s a Caucasian European?  Camouflaging Bill Gates’ true Jew identity is just one component of a well-orchestrated misinformation campaign designed to hide the real population statistic of the Jew, which is closer to 30-50% of the total Albion population.

This creeping covert population takeover is, by its very definition, the REAL New World Order.   IOW, the so-called “New World Order” is actually The Jew World Order.  A shocking all too Real Master Race Plan in which a pseudo-ethnic group, derived from Neanderthal stock, has been attempting to rule over the entire world population by financially rendering the masses into bankrupt slaves.

Attempting to Buy God

Portraying Bill Gates as a Christian helps to make Christians look smarter than they really are. According to Dixon, this stratagem has been used as a psychological recruitment tool with the goal of bringing more Christians into Jewish-controlled mega-churches to be brainwashed.   This awesome power of brainwashing the general public by claiming to possess the authority of God is why Microsoft attempted to buy the Catholic Church. The below ‘fake news’ story is actually true . . .  and only became ‘fake’ after the howling public ridicule began to surface.

The Salina Journal (Salina, Kansas) - Dec 18, 1994

The Salina Journal (Salina, Kansas) – Dec 18, 1994

The Front Man for Control

Bill Gates was preened, groomed and ultimately situated in the best position possible to fool the goyim into believing he’s a computer mastermind.  IOW, Gates was chosen by Jews to act as the beard (front-man), leading the world through the computer age by controlling THE primary operating system.  Software resting solely in the hands of the Jew.  The same software that everyone in the world would purchase in order to communicate.

Established Through Wealth

Contrary to the myth ubiquitously propagated by the Jew, Bill Gates did NOT create Windows . . . he simply threw Jewish money at it. The so-called “Microsoft” Operating System was purchased for $100K from two Albions in California, who actually invented it.  This slight of hand is revealed in the PBS documentary entitled Triumph Of The Nerds.

Dixon said the Jew desires to be in control of the primary operating system so that everyone can be spied upon (Windows 10 anybody?).  Explore your account on Google and witness for yourself that digital files of your activities are being constantly accumulated and stored.  Files that can be used against you . . . ensuring that all potential threats to The Jew World Order are neutralized.

Are you finally beginning to understand why Windows is riddled with vulnerabilities to viruses?  THE JEW INTENTIONALLY DESIGNED IT THAT WAY!

Hostile Jewish Nazis

Microsoft’s deceitful business practices of worldwide copyright infringement and hostile takeovers, (for which Microsoft is internationally known), are designed to stifle a truly free and innovative operating system marketplace.  Software is an evolutionary marketplace which the Jew is obsessed to control . . . without being accused of stealing that control.

Disguising Bill Gates’ true ethnicity misdirects the public’s attention away from the Jew and places the blame concerning the outrageous megalomaniacal business practices of Microsoft squarely on the Albions.  Microsoft has been sued MANY times for the hostile Jewish business practices they employ in order to maintain their spyware operating system supremacy.

Bill Gates Testilying

Bill Gates Testi-lying

Jews Own Everything of Value

According to Dixon, all of the original 1978 Microsoft Corporation founders were Jews.  And mega-wealthy Jews are in collusion to keep it that way by buying out, hostilely taking over or stealing competing software from any company that appears to be a potential threat to Microsoft’s dominance in the marketplace.  A marketplace which in reality is owned and operated exclusively by the Jew.  Not only does the enemy control Microsoft, the Jew controls Apple, Linux and Android as well!

Microsoft Jews

Microsoft Jews

This all-Jewish Microsoft team from 1978 was brought together and organized by mega-wealthy Jews to take total control of all operating system software worldwide. Allowing non-Jews to direct the preferred computer operating system would jeopardize Jewish control over worldwide intellectual properties and by extension, the minds of the masses.

Bill Gates remains a crypto-Jew because his father recognized that the Jew is simply in control of too many mega-corporations, banks and industries in America and abroad.  Revelation of Bill Gates’ true identity would topple the Jewish house of cards once the masses discovered that the Jew owns everything of value in America and white people don’t own shit.

The Real Nazis Revealed


Check out the picture to the right.  How else does a “German” Bill Gates posing as Hitler possible help German people or himself? What loyal German would blaspheme Hitler’s memory? What is the underlying Jewish Nazi message?  Could it be that the Jew is telling you right to your face who the REAL Nazi is?

Realistically speaking, what has Bill Gates ever done for English, German, Scottish or Irish people? Has he ever visited his proclaimed homelands offering financial assistance?  Guess he was too busy peddling poison in Africa to bother.

Close Your Windows

All is not bleak.  There IS something you can do.  Migrate away from Windows!  If enough people walk away from virus-ridden, spy-infested Windows and start using a Linux-based operating system, the Jew will be left behind in the dark, scratching his smelly balls and holding what remains of a limp shriveled-up dick.

Sieg Heil that one, Bubby!


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6 Responses to Bill Gates EXPOSED

  1. I have two acquaintances who are Romanian Jews. And they freely admit that there are “bad Jews” and that it was the “bad Jews” who instigated killings in the labor camps. So your Mengele angle is certainly in harmony with the larger historic facts.

    As for Gates, if it looks like a duck . . . . There’s a guy on YouTube named Mark Christopher. In one of his longer lectures on the tricks and traps of the court, he talks about Microsoft. I found it to be quite revealing. The kernel of Windows is deliberately corrupted code = intentional evil.

  2. Rosie says:

    THANK YOU…I am sure you know how many pages I had to go through to find some sanity, since the first 20 pages are jew sites…exhausting! Iwas trying to research Mengele cause his description has my Judar on high alert…some say his mother was a sadistic so I figured kosher. Great one on Gates too I always knew he was a Jew …all evil is elevated …

  3. The Jews are everywhere and they already own everything.

    Seemingly, they own everything, but actually they don’t. The bogus Jew monetary system is a total fraud. The Emperor has no clothes. There is NO money, it’s all smoke and mirrors.

    Of course if you start with the Christian aspect to bring about the revelation of the Jewish “synagogue of satan”, then it all goes like an easy downhill run from there.

    You admit here that you know what needs to happen next. So is this you mentally masturbating in front of a computer screen? Or will I be reading about your successful exploits against said synagogue?

  4. Popcicle says:

    I am out of religions and their sham of myths created by the Jew gods. Having one phony player speak out against another phony player is hypocrisy at it’s finest. Of course if you start with the Christian aspect to bring about the revelation of the Jewish “synagogue of satan”, then it all goes like an easy downhill run from there. You then start looking for their deceptions, and they are found in every turn. The Jews are everywhere and they already own everything.

  5. We need more discussions on the true numbers of Jews in the world.

    You’re ahead of the curve.

    They have been lying for centuries about their identity worldwide.

    Christianity is a prime weakness for them in this regard. Schedule a private chat with the pastor of your local church. Ask the right questions and you will discover that the pastor is a Mason and knows full well that the Jews are phonies. Now . . . do you have the mental and physical resources to expose the PASTOR as a phony? Dismantle the “chosen people” lie and the Jews go up in flames.

  6. Popcicle says:

    We need more discussions on the true numbers of Jews in the world. They have been lying for centuries about their identity worldwide.

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