Jewish Expulsions

Pagan Jews


What are they afraid of?

2 Responses to Jewish Expulsions

  1. Uhuru says:

    Need I sey more?!? But wait, I can’t hold my peace because silence would be treason. It is the ( Ashke”nazi”), Hyksos, Hittites old-Turks inbreds who over throw the monarcies of the Tsar and the Kaiser. With their financial base in the “city of London” and with their satellite banking houses in Frankfurt, NY Kuhn, loeb& co. Paris, Vienna and Naples. Right timing at the height of the Industrial Age to formulate strife , knowing full well Russia & Germany didn’t have colonies to supply their respective countries with raw minerals. Jacob Schiff funding the Bolsheviks and Paul Warburg funding I.G. Farben and the rise of anti-semitism i.e. “Hate-ler” Hitler. Theirs an old seying “if u don’t have an enemy create one”.

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