Secret War

ONE ethnic group owns ALL of the media!!!


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10 Responses to Secret War

  1. I think it is high time that more folks know about these jew nazi scum.

    • I wouldn’t call them “scum”, except the one’s who pump out the anal-oriented pornography. More like rampant unchecked megalomaniacs.
      So what has prevented the “Gentiles” from sharing this information?

      • The gentiles are just braindead. I try to warn folks all the time and all I get is a blank stare. Or they think Jesus is somehow going to save them. The planet has gone mad and it is getting worse every day. The natural life support systems of the planet are collapsing now from the geoengineering menace and folks just don’t seem to care that their future is being destroyed. Their pea brains just cannot accept it.

        • The gentiles are just brain dead.

          Obviously, they have brains, so that isn’t it.

          they think Jesus is somehow going to save them

          What you have are people in an arrested state of mental development. Essentially, they are children in adult bodies, waiting for “Daddy” to take care of the problems for them. I have the solution for this, but it takes two people and in over three years of inviting people to join with me, I haven’t met one person who didn’t have some sort of excuse as to why they couldn’t or wouldn’t.

          People are addicted to their comfort zone. The deep, dark secret is: the victims are just as evil as the persecutors.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Another piece of history twisted by the people in power namely the richest Jews who control ner enough everything from mainstream media to money in almost all currencies… The truth is and always has been buried deep it’s just a case of how far you’re willing to dig to find it and of course the consequences of sharing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I Think that David Irving should be given the recognition he deserves for his brilliant work in showing us the real history of Germany and ww2 thank you Mr Irving one day history will recognise

  4. Anonymous says:

    Its been censored and removed again the truth should have no censorship.

    • Well, that’s why they call it “JEWtube.” Isn’t it ironic that the Jews are the REAL nazis. Anyway, we hope you clicked on the link we provided and watched the vid on our independent source.

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