The Khazars



4 Responses to The Khazars

  1. Elle says:

    We are all suffering from Cognitive Desonance. How can anyone NOT see that those white people could never have originated from Israel? But Jewish media hidden under the cloak of ‘white people’ has successfully convinced us all that they are the real Hebrews. I can’t help but wonder, HOW has this continued? I want to shout from the roof tops that I am the real Hebrew….

    • Jewish media hidden under the cloak of ‘white people’

      That’s VERY WELL put. Yes, the Ashkenazi Jews have used “white” people as a cloak, when in fact, they HATE white people (check out Divide and Conquer on this website).

      Thanks for your uplifting comments!

  2. Yohan Yishai says:

    The issue of who is Jew and who not can be decided by the action and interest of the people that show love and attachment to the covenant God made with the Jews. Physical descent have the first calling. If they do not respond with favour it is extended to the rest of mankind as well. As such, all that believe from among the people and submit to the King of the Jews become Jews scripturally and the rest remain as OUTSIDER even if they descended from the stock of Abraham, Issac, Jacob and the tribes.
    Thus said the Messiah Yahoshua the blessed one and King of the Jews: Many will come from the East and west, north and south but the children of the kingdom will be thrust out. There is no justification for a people to claim being the people of God without faith and obedience to His Holy Covenants. Peace.

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