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Why Do My Eyes Hurt ?


is the pen name of a man who decided to draw a line in the sand and stand on the side of truth. After attending four years at a prestigious prep school, he enrolled in a well-known Ivy League university. Disappointed to discover that the curriculum being offered was at a minimum dishonest, if not actually Satanic, Mr. Everquar dropped out at the end of his freshman year; making it his life’s work to discover the information that the world’s most renowned schools were suppressing.

Behind Enemy Lines

Who Created the Ku Klux Klan ?During the summer of 1992, Shazer moved to Harrison, Arkansas and was the first Moor to live there since the horrific ethnic cleansing transpired in 1902.

For eight years he was the sole melanated person living amongst a population of 15,000 “whites” in none other than the hometown of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan; where he endured multiple death threats.

In the spring of 2000, Mr. Everquar moved an hour north to the hamlet of Branson West, Missouri and was shocked to encounter a pervasive racism far more intense than anything he had ever encountered while living in the heart of Klan Country.

And thus arose an eerie and sinister mystery . . .

How could one move away from the home of the Ku Klux Klan and wind up experiencing a more vicious and brutal racism than living in the hometown of the Klan itself?

2006 Mayoral Race

In late October of 2005, our Neo registered to run for the office of Mayor in Branson West, Missouri.  Although he lost the 2006 election, Shazer won over 43% of the vote.  Keep in mind, this result was obtained in a virtually all-white county where in-bred nepotism was the order of the day.

Having obtained such a promising result with no public name recognition whatsoever, it appeared that Shazer might become the next mayor of Branson West in 2008.

That is when, as they say . . . the proverbial crap hit the fan.

Enemy of the State !

A seemingly powerful Jew . . .

Jewish supremacist TOM J CARLSON stare out from over his glasses

Jewish supremacist

has been stealing millions. . .

A casual photographer inadvertently recorded the criminal activity

A law-abiding citizen discovered shocking evidence . . .

Evil began to rear its ugly head . . .


What are they afraid of?

And Get into his Life, They did . . . 

Virtually overnight, Shazer Everquar was transformed from a potential public servant into an enemy of the state.

First, the City of Branson West charged him with making a gun-like gesture . . .

US President makes a gun-like gesture

President of the United States
Making the gesture outlawed in Branson West, Missouri

Next, they charged him with harassing his apartment manager on the internet!

Crime Scene?

Apparently, he forced her to turn on her computer, go to his website and read the articles! LOL

The Rigged Election of 2007

In hindsight, it now becomes obvious that the purpose of repetitively charging Shazer with phony crimes was to render him unelectable.  Unfazed by the onslaught of evil, Mr. Everquar registered to run for Alderman of his ward in the next election.

The siege of unrelenting character assassinations culminated on the day before the 2007 Branson West election, when Shazer was charged with . . .

Touching a woman’s hair! We kid you not.

Child Touching Obama's Hair

President encourages child to commit crime
outlawed in Branson West, Missouri

Shazer was locked up in county jail overnight while the Branson West Chief of Police drove around town telling everyone that Mr. Everquar was incarcerated.

The day of the election, Shazer was released.  Needless to say, he lost that election.

Hardball to the Max

Bear in mind that all three of these outrageously specious charges were adjudicated not within the city of Branson West, but rather, within the 39th Circuit Court of Missouri.

Meanwhile, none of the lawyers in the local yellow pages would take Shazer’s case – not even the ambulance chasers!

Law & Disorder

As a matter of necessity, Shazer was forced to learn law and handle all three cases himself.  That’s when he came across this incredible discovery . . .

The Beast Goes Nuts

After four long years of battle, Mr Everquar finally prevailed and all three of those wacko cases wound up being dismissed.  The imperious now-confessed drug pushers of Stone County, Missouri went stark raving nuts and retaliated by charging Shazer with yet more spurious criminal allegations.

On August 26,2010 Shazer was arrested in Branson West, Missouri for supposedly:

  • Tampering with a judicial proceeding
  • Tampering with a judicial officer

A total sentence of fourteen years if found guilty!

Simultaneously, criminal Judge Mark Stephens issued an order stating: “Shazer Everquar is not to have access to the internet for any purpose.”

What is the Matrix?

Land of the Free?

In case you haven’t figured it out, the judge’s order was a clear violation of the First Amendment.

Yes friends, those of you who have clung to the delusional belief that you possess some sort of “rights” under The Constitution of the United States are living in a fantasy world.

In the real world, human rights violations are happening every day right here in the United States.  Which makes the claim that America is spreading democracy around the world a sick, pathetic lie.

The Syndicate Ups the Anti

The mainstream media would have you believe that guilty people are released on bail all the time.  In the real world, innocent people are hit with insurmountable bails which, in essence, is an economically-derived incarceration.

Employing that evil technique, the syndicate of Branson West kept SHAZER EVERQUAR behind bars without a trial or conviction for more than a year!

Unable to access his funds (there are no banks in jail, friend), Shazer was prevented from renewing his internet subscriptions. As a consequence his first website (thinkmasa.org) was taken offline and dismantled; which was probably the syndicate’s ultimate goal.

You’ll note this blog is hosted on a free site, which means that no matter what treachery the evildoers impose upon Shazer Everquar the person;  SHAZER EVERQUAR the website, will remain active and available to anyone sincerely searching for the truth.

Our Jewish Awakening

A life-changing epiphany occurred when Shazer realized that all of the barbaric racism and monstrous abuse he was suffering in Missouri was being generated exclusively by Jews!

Further investigation led to Mr. Everquar discovering The Secret Relationship between Moors and Jews.  As well as the shocking connection between Pagan Jews and Satanism.

(Hint: Paganism=Satanism)

Also, while he was unjustly held behind bars, Shazer began to observe and document the wildly disproportionate number of pagan Jews seated in positions of high authority within the Missouri injustice system.

Parting of The Red Sea

On January 13, 2012, Shazer Everquar was released from over sixteen months of unconstitutional incarceration without a trial or conviction. Oh, you didn’t know things like that are happening in America? . . . Well, they are.

After two more years of an uphill battle; late January 2014, with some intervention from the Feds, Shazer Everquar was finally vindicated of all charges heaped upon him by the malevolent kosher mafia of Stone County, Missouri.

Staring down the barrel of a gun

Are You Brave Enough to Live It?

Perhaps you’ve watched The Matrix.  The question is . . . Are you brave enough to live it?

Of the multitude that discover this website, only a handful will dive deeply and investigate the entirety of this site.  Why?  Because this website will open your eyes . . . and that’s going to hurt.

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