Jewish Ritual Murder

hidden historical fact


– Censored by YouTube –

CLICK THIS LINK to watch the video YouTube doesn’t want you to see

4 Responses to Jewish Ritual Murder

  1. Arturo arturo says:

    they eat the kids … But worse they…o my god. And take our money. Then they say “white” people are the bad guys. I say flashmob D.C. if not now, when?

  2. Rent Increasor Parasite says:

    So jews killed this video? Is it how jewish “freedom of speech” looks like?
    Are all jews schizophrenics and sexual deviants or there is at least one normal person?
    I’ve hear the rumors that jews set up “antisemitic” sites and moSSad then register people who visited them.
    Funny because i never saw jew working on construction or on farm or doing anything productive.
    They only madoff our money, lehman our savings, and censor the truth about jewish satanic crimes.
    Yes, these are crosses.

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