Euro-American Role Model



2 Responses to Euro-American Role Model

  1. Dave Slater says:

    So: That is why the questions on all Government and all other {Official} documents {Contracts} as to [ RACE?]. I have always wondered why? But always in the back of my mind {This must be some form of racist something?} and why do government and other contractual agreements have this on it.
    And where did the alleged white race come from? {Genome Species }As the Tigress and Euphrates Rivers where “man began?” must be of color by default because of the cultures still inhabiting there since the “dawn of man”.
    According to National Geographic we all have the gene of color with few acceptations?
    I also NEVER understood the race thing anyway at many levels and most generally attempted to treat All with common courtesies afforded by the bible. Have I failed Yes Sir as I am a sinner plain and simple.
    Have developed quite a guilt complex because of how the “whites ” have treated ALL living breathing flesh and blood images of GOD of color

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