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Who Invented Identity Theft?

Secret History of the Khazarian Assassins Around 100 AD, the Kingdom of Khazaria had devolved into a fiefdom ruled by a wicked king, who surrounded himself with occult oligarchs as his court.  Together, the evil coven practiced bloodthirsty Babylonian black … Continue reading

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Christ Killers Posing as Pastors

Diamond City, Arkansas Anti-American Agenda SHAZER EVERQUAR has uncovered what appears to be a Jewish intelligence network with an anti-American agenda operating in Boone County, Arkansas.  Sources indicate the subversive operation is headquartered at Lord of the Lake Lutheran Church in Diamond City, Arkansas; … Continue reading

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8 Little Known Facts about The Antichrist

There’s been a lot of talk about The Antichrist. How much of it is real? Continue reading

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