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Avoid Those Legal Disasters Redux

The interesting aspect about mental prisons is that they are effective precisely to the extent that one fails to realize they’re in prison. In other words, mental prisons rely upon delusional egocentricity. The strength and width of the bars are … Continue reading

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A Shocking Truth about Homeland Security

Secret court document proves Jewish supremacist financed Israeli spies in Branson, Missouri. Obama’s Department of Homeland Security does nothing. Continue reading

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Has Government Become the New Mafia?

A Missouri judge confessed his involvement in a plot hatched by Jewish extremists to murder an Original American. Continue reading

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How to Survive on $1,000,000 per Week

Billionaire Drug Kingpin Confesses Khazarian kingpin, TOM J CARLSON has confessed to running a drug distribution operation out of the City of Branson West, Missouri. The documented confession filed on September 4, 2012 in Stone County Circuit Court seems to indicate that CARLSON manipulated government … Continue reading

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Everything Christians Know about Government is Wrong

The rug gets pulled out from under the Christian Baby Boomers as we expose their Continue reading

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