Biblical Jews

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The biblcal Israelites

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Descendants of the Biblical Jews


17 Responses to Biblical Jews

  1. Uhuru says:

    What’s more pagan than a myth base on supplanting your brother for his birthright or writing ones’ version of a pagan practice of crucifixion or a theatrical play demonstrating ones hate for a Moor. Jacob, James I & Iago are the original pagans who are outside the boundary of the sun’s warmth, far from tropics and a wild man of the forest far from the love of humanity.

  2. Uhuru says:

    …to those who are awake.

  3. Uhuru says:

    Cabal,… Christians,Moslem & Jews. The original heathens ,pagans & infidels against humanity.

  4. gitardood says:

    The reason “THEY” can do what they do to you or me, ie like charging you falsely, is because you reside in their jurisdiction instead of sui juris – check out Karl Lentz who’s had much success in beating them. He’s got stuff on YouTube, as well as his own internet talk radio ie talkshoe listed at his site

    • Sorry, but you’re incorrect. You’ve obviously never done battle with these people in real life. You can claim whatever jurisdiction you want (all of my later court cases were addressed as “sui juris”), THEY have the guns.

      Until guys like you grow the balls to face these guys on their own terms, everything else is meaningless, as is the talk show you mentioned. You need to stop talking theory and put your ass in court.

      Then you’ll find out for yourself that most of these liberty gurus are frauds and their theories are unworkable unless you have support from others.

  5. gitardood says:

    The biblical Israelites were not indigenous – descended from Avram (Avraham), Yitschak (Isaac), and Ya’acov (jacob) they were originally from Iraq aka Ur of the Chalees (Kasdiym), in the land of Shinar too – Nimrod’s homebase. When his bros, sold Joseph into slavery in Egypt, and years later famine hit , they went to Egypt (Africa) known to them as Mitsrayim,to buy grain. We can all read how Jacob their father, and the whole family then moved to Egypt where Joseph was second only to Pharaoh. As Yahuah told Avraham, “your descendents will be live in and become enslaved in another land for 400 yr ….
    They left there with Moses to go to Kena’an / Canaan which was promised to them in Avraham’s covenant with Yahuah.
    As in everything there’s good, bad, indifferent, as well as real and fake, this applies to every people including Jews. Unfortunately, all of them get tarred with the same brush as the wannabe fakes, or the just bad ones.

  6. Uhuru Iman says:


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