Nazi Party


Does the History Channel tell the Truth?  Apparently NOT!  And neither does Wikipedia.

Neither source wants you to know that the video you are about to watch documents a Pagan plot to destabilize America, known as “Operation Skokie.”

Joseph Cohen (alias Frank Collin)

Pagan Deception Exposed: This Nazi is a JEW

The principal character in the video is Frank Collin, a native of Chicago.

The Khazar-owned History Channel (just accidentally?) fails to mention that the original name of Mr. Collin’s father was Max Simon Cohen.  Frank is a Pagan Jew.

As you watch this clip, stay alert to the fact that every major figure in the video is a Pagan Jew – including Frank Collin – THE NAZI LEADER!

You are about to watch an infamous “anti-Semitism” propaganda campaign secretly orchestrated by the Jewish ADL.  Note throughout that the blacks and whites on the scene are merely pawns manipulated by the Pagans to further their agenda.

At one point Irv Rubin unconsciously reveals what the Jewish Anti-Defamation League thinks about non-Pagans. When speaking about whites he says, “As far as I’m concerned, they have no rights.”

[Author’s Note: What comes around – goes around.  In 2002 Irv Rubin died under suspicious circumstances.]


What are they afraid of?

The Nazi Party: Created by Ashkenazi Jews!


American Nazis orchestrated and funded BY JEWS !

What do you think?

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