Creditors In Commerce Sentenced To Prison

– Phoenix, Arizona

Fallen Upon Hard Times

Brandon Alexander Adams

Brandon Alexander Adams

The two guiding lights of Creditors in Commerce are now fallen stars and have been convicted and sentenced to hard time in Federal prison.

On June 15th, 2015, Brandon Alexander Adams received a 40-month prison sentence.  The following day, Gordon Leroy Hall was hammered with a stiff term of eight years.

February 4th, 2014, Hall and Adams were indicted on four counts of “attempting to produce fictitious instruments purporting to be actual securities issued under the authority of The United States.”

An additional fifth count was attached to Gordon Hall, a convicted felon, for knowingly possessing firearms.

The Taxman Commeth

Attorneys for the United States allege that towards the end of January 2014, Hall and Adams produced two documents, one for $868,397.60 and the other for $635,176.26, in an attempt to help Hall pay off his alleged debts to the IRS.

On February 7th, 2014 arrest warrants were issued and Adams was taken into custody that very day in New Mexico.  More than two months transpired before Hall was arrested and booked in Spartanburg County, South Carolina  on April 28th.

When Push Came To Shove

Despite having given advice to the patrons of his seminars to avoid using a lawyer and to plead guilty when charged by government courts; Adams pled Not Guilty and there is no record of Adams attempting to avoid using a lawyer.

The court record reveals that Adams filed a financial statement and was furished with a court-appointed attorney. On the other hand, Hall clearly waived his right to court-appointed counsel (and this is where the government narration begins to get shady).  Almost immediately upon Hall setting out to defend himself, attorneys for the United States filed a motion for a FARETTA HEARING.

Why We Avoid Lawyers

Gordon Leroy Hall

Gordon Leroy Hall

An advantage for a defendant with a legal education and experience in law is that many motions and arguments which could effectively win your case or a dismissal of the charges will not and cannot be argued by appointed counsel.

Attorneys are very conservative and operate within a narrow range of acceptable legal argument or face sanctions by the court.

Attorneys have a vested interest, whether they be prosecutors, judges or defense counsel, in maintaining de minimus standards and procedures that benefit the criminal justice system, often at the expense of the defendant.

Feds Stack The Deck

Although Mr. Hall had the right idea in moving to litigate his own case; unfortunately, he couldn’t avoid the federal attorneys, nor their trap, nor the fact that the judge was a former lawyer.  Under the ruse of a Faretta Hearing, the Federal Court ruled that Hall “failed to demonstrate a knowing and intelligent waiver of his right to counsel” and compelled him to be represented by a court-appointed attorney.  In other words, they intentionally stacked the deck against him.

During the next six months, Hall made several attempts to have his court-appointed counsel removed so that he could proceed on his own.  But each effort was denied by the court.  Burdened with the weight of his federally-appointed attorney, Hall proceeded into a jury trial and – not surpisingly – was found guilty.

Different Strokes

Adams pursued a different path.  On January 13th, 2015 he accepted a plea bargain and never went to trial.  Apparently, the court waited for Hall’s trial to conclude and then sentenced the two of them back to back.

Hall is currently in prison and has filed an appeal.  An additional filing was blocked on the premise that Hall is represented by counsel and therefore is not allowed to file anything on his own.

Adams is scheduled to self-surrender by no later than Monday, August 17, 2015, at 12:00 p.m. to begin serving his sentence. The hearings and trials took place at Sandra Day O’Connor U.S. Courthouse in Phoenix, Arizona.

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21 Responses to Creditors In Commerce Sentenced To Prison

  1. I learned a great deal by listening to recordings of Branden Alexander Adams and Gordon Hall. I’m looking for people wanting to become a part of where government injuries get monetized and sold on distributed traceless exchanges. I’ll need people to act in groups of at least three to certify non-response through notary protest procedures.

    In brief I want to create a startup as an NGO. Here’s what it entails:

    A darknet and regular site for a person or agency to submit their evidence of injury.
    A department that mails a sort of notarial protest communications on behalf of the injured party.
    A distributed darknet site (mirrorable on the Internet) that keeps records of ongoing controversy
    Press releases showing new investment opportunities in the governemnt debt resulting from defaults on protests.
    Each injury incident will be issued digital tokens or shares that represent a portion of this government debt.
    Utilizing state of the art distributed trustless cryptographic currency exchange an Initial coin offering will be issued.

    This new class of currency could go into the trillions of dollars. The potential exists for derivative markets to develop based on these.

    • Although your idea is advanced, it is flawed due to ignorance. As is the model of the world outlined by Adams and Hall. The only people on the planet who can legitimately claim to be sovereigns are the indigenous Moors. People who are benefiting from a stolen legacy cannot claim to be “damaged” by the invasion corporations claiming to be governments or by anyone else for that matter.

      As for trillions of dollars, yes, that is what is owed ALREADY. What you don’t know, because you probably have no reason to investigate it, is that the history of the world is a hoodwink and people are waking up.

      If you’re interesting in claiming REAL damages, look into filing against Google. We have archived statistical proof that YouTube (owned by Google) employs multiple attack algorithms against channels they don’t like. The subscriber statistics on YouTube are FRAUDULENT. So all of the people on YouTube who make money from subscribers are being defrauded. And so are all of the people who are spending money and jumping through hoops trying to get more subscribers.

      Meanwhile, Google “oldest painting of Jesus” and you’ll find out that Google is hiding it from you. So the megalomaniacal Jewish owners of Google are attempting to control your access to knowledge. With even a modicum of imagination, you can easily prove that Google’s deliberate and intentional obstruction of information has damaged you. If you were to organize a bunch of energetic college students with at least two years of statistical training, you could destroy Google and there would be billions in that. We’re on the verge of cutting the Jews into bloody pieces. The more the merrier.

      I suggest that you move on from the delusion of non-melenated people being sovereigns or alleging damages against any “governments”. That model will have ever diminishing returns. You cannot invade a continent and then claim to be a sovereign. The people you invaded are the sovereigns. An incredible amount of bullshit has hidden that fact for at least two hundred years. But that smoke and mirrors strategy has run its course.

      It’s a new world order that the a-holes hadn’t counted on. Like Lincoln said, “You can fool some of the people all of the time. You can fool all of the people some of the time. But you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

      I’m all for claiming damages. Just be sure you’ve done your homework and are realistic about the damages that you can legitimately claim.

  2. John Rambo says:

    Shazer, you literally have no idea what you’re talking about, Hall and Adams not being able to avoid jail. They weren’t railroaded by the court in accepting a lawyer, nor is a lawyer not able to argue all motions and remedies available to a defendant.

    The truth is that you have no idea what the “game” is all about; it’s not about contracts, per se. Had you read Hall’s court-appearance transcripts and known what to look for, you’d know that.

    • Shazer, you literally have no idea what you’re talking about . . .

      I have a little trouble accepting this comment coming from a Jew hiding behind the fictitious name of John Rambo.

      They weren’t railroaded by the court in accepting a lawyer

      I paid for and read the court transcripts. Hall wanted to argue his own case. EVEN THE COURT SAID SO! I know you Jews LOVE to lie, but STFU.

      nor is a lawyer not able to argue all motions and remedies available to a defendant.

      That’s a lawyer’s phrase, if ever I’ve heard one. ABLE? LOL Since when is an ability a foregone conclusion? OMG!

      The truth is that you have no idea what the “game” is all about

      Since you are not psychic, your statement is a logical fallacy. Meanwhile, you claim to be the arbiter of “truth”. (SMH)

      Had you read Hall’s court-appearance transcripts and known what to look for, you’d know that.

      I read it all and I know you’re full of crap. The icing on the cake is that YOU SUBSCRIBED TO THE BLOG. If you thought I was inaccurate, you would not have done that unless you’re an idiot. Which, of course, is always a possibility.

      Nonetheless, your own actions betray you as a liar with some sort of stupid agenda. If you’re not getting laid or are suffering from ED then you need to consult a professional therapist to rectify your anxiety issues. We’re only interested in facts here, pal. You need to take your Jewish ad hominem abstractions somewhere else. :>)

      • John Rambo says:

        Poor Shazer can’t help but showing his bigotry and hatred towards Jews, despite my post giving no reason whatsoever to respond that way.

        And your amateurish imputation of my reasons for subscribing to your blog is quite laughable, as is your misuse of the term “logical fallacy”.

        I challenge you to find a single statement in Hall’s transcripts showing violation of rights! None, nada, zip, nuthing.

        • Poor Shazer

          his bigotry and hatred towards Jews

          your amateurish imputation of my reasons . . . is quite laughable

          your misuse of the term “logical fallacy”


          You Jews just can’t help yourselves. Thank you for that clinic on how to string together chains of ad hominems.
          Unfortunately, your flurry of unqualified value judgments are just that: unqualified.

          As for your straw man challenge, since US citizens are chattel property and have no rights; that’s a pretty dumb come on, even for one such as Jew, I mean, you.

          Here’s the most important point:
          Your cowardly faggot masters in Haifa and Menlo Park are obviously worried, otherwise they wouldn’t be paying a tuchus lecher like you a fist full of shekels in a botched attempt to waste my time over some petty bullshit.

          BTW: I recently joined and guess what? My late grandmother was Jewish! So stop typing, go up the street to King’s and buy yourself a burger. And reflect as you’re chewing on it – that’s you.

          This is the New World Order: The butchers are becoming the cattle. The hunters are becoming the hunted. All of the militarized police in the world cannot save you.

          Shalom kiddo !

  3. Rollin Lee Spencer says:

    If you think for one min. that the court is going to let these people out of their stores, what are you people thinking. The UNITED STATES is the most dangerest corporation in the world. The funds, Credits they are making is so large its mindblowing. Please if you get in trouble with these people you will be sorry. I to have had my dealings with these mobsters. Its not very nice what they do with their guns at your back and chains on you legs. My heart is out to these people if you think they are playing you have a nother thing coming and it is not nice. They can do what every they want to and no one can do anything about it.

    • The UNITED STATES is the most dangerest corporation in the world


      I to have had my dealings with these mobsters.

      You left out your own mobster dealings.

      They can do what every they want to and no one can do anything about it.

      That’s YOUR interpretation of events. Actually, they are simply much more adept at criminality than you are. It is your own incompetence that you are trying to cover up. If you possessed brains, concentration, self-discipline and absolute ruthlessness, you would know what to do. But you don’t. So you whine like the sheep that you are. Keep rollin’ Spencer.

  4. Gregory Pravda says:

    I’m very dismayed to see these guys got f*cked. It just makes me feel utterly hopeless that we can avoid violence in this country…

    • It just makes me feel utterly hopeless that we can avoid violence in this country

      Your birth was an act of violence. Reality exists irrespective of your denial. And you are right, people such as yourself, who fail to accept their moral, civic and universal responsibilities are hopeless cases. The criminals in Hollywood created a show to celebrate people like you: The Walking Dead.

  5. RAFA says:

    How would you justify murdering if you believe in the bible? noticed you conditionally accepted a comment. How did you get out of prison? did you murder?

  6. giggle man says:

    here is something to think about. “shall” the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA file a complaint against a man or woman the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is only complaining they don’t have a claim and besides how can a fiction claim as agreed party that a man or a woman did wrong. people are dumb. everything is a contract but the man acting as agent “for” the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA your contracting with the man… one man or woman can not give a man or woman a order without just compensation. get it toget her people! act as a man or woman!

    • Your comment is pure reasoning devoid of logic. Until you organize your own army and police force, what you’re saying is meaningless. They cheat. And until you grow a pair of balls and are ready, wiling and able to take them on physically, you’re an impotent little wimp who is powerless to stop them. “Get it together”, giggle man! Wake up from your paper-pushing pipe dream.

  7. Gregory Alan of Johnson says:

    It seems this demonic system got tired of their trying to operate privately and made them offers they didn’t refuse.

  8. Max Freidman says:

    The court system is the embodiment of evil and a group of treasonous conspirators. First off they fail to observe their own oath of office and adhere to the prohibitions laid out in the U.S. and State Constitutions,. They work off of presumptions violate all the known requirements of justice such as having any jurisdiction to proceed when the “real party of interest” is the UNITED STATES or Federal Government, who can never be a real party in interest in regards to a man or woman. The Federal government has no jurisdiction and ability to create criminal laws that apply outside of Washington D.C. as the Constitution forbids it and the writings of the founding fathers in the Federalist papers shows expressedly that the criminal and civil laws regarding the people are the purview of the State and not the Federal Government. So it is an impossiblity to have a man subjected to criminal prosecution outside of Washington D.C. or the Territorys owned by the United States Of America. Learn who you are and question authority and you’ll quickly find out the law is what a black robed man or woman says it is and they will refuse to prove jurisdiciton or authority and have a claim of right to never suffer any consequences for their acts inside a court room. ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY. If you had absolute immunity when you stole your neighbors property you would do it to, well maybe not depending on your character.
    Of course I never liked Creditors in Commerce as it is all based on the fraud that negotiable instruments have any value and why try to claim you can get away with the treason that the Federal Reserve gets away with creating something of now value and passing it off as having value. When I heard Brandon claim that Rothchild was the best creditor in commerce, I had to laugh as he is the biggest criminal instead. If you challenge the government you had better study the law and know how to go to court, apparently these guys did not, as they got railroaded and had nothing in their defense. You have to file paperwork or you have no evidence. You need friends to witness the frauds and get affidavits notarized. And of course you have rights each of which becomes an appeal-able offense when they deny them to you on the record.

    • After two months of ignorance, there is suddenly an overwhelming interest in this article.

      Judges do NOT have “absolute immunity”. Judges are humans with families. They or members of their families may be killed at any time. Both people such as yourself AND followers of Creditors in Commerce GIVE tyrants immunity by failing to uphold your civic responsibilities and meting out justice to all perpetrators of evil. You ALL want someone else to do your dirty work FOR YOU. Which is why Socialism is so successful.

      You’re willing to be responsible when it comes to attaining your own selfish creature comforts, like acquiring a job or making payments to acquire a home, etc. But resisting tyanny ???? There’s no comfort in that, only risk. So you LET the evil doers murder YOU and YOUR FAMILY. BUT YOU NEVER MURDER THEM BACK. You are actually the CAUSE of the evil. No one will perpetrate evil if they KNOW that there will be guaranteed vicious consequences for them.

      I agree with you about both Adam’s and Hall’s statements regarding the government. I was even going to make a video out of their statements for everyone to judge. But I had edited those statements out of my copy of their lectures and didn’t have the patience to listen to the originals over again to find them. Yes, time has proven that they were both quite naive.

      If you challenge the government you had better study the law and know how to go to court

      This is simplistic thinking and reveals that you have not taken on these guys yourself. Once the injustice system sees that you are beating them with their own rules, they will CHEAT. When I go to “court” they clear the whole courtroom and take me last, so that the sheep cannot hear what’s going on. They cannot cheat with witnesses around. But once they isolate you, they can do whatever they want.

      Do you really think Hall was incapable of handing his own defense? They forced an attorney on him in order to isolate him from the court. They cheated.

      Anyone who takes it to this level, must have their own deadly force enforcement unit. Only when you can successfully kill their families, will they back off. This is the mistake that both Dean Clifford and Creditors in Commerce made. If Hall was truely prepared for life as it really is; when the Feds shoved a lawyer down his throat, members of the families of the court would have begun dying one by one. That would have changed the landscape.

      The world is the way it is, period. One either comes to grips with what is necessary for victory or one is defeated. If you are unwilling to kill in order to obtain victory then you will lose. Your opponent is more than willing to kill you and/or your family. Man up and match him or sit the F down and shut up.

      Thank you for your comment!

      • Frank O. Anderson-Desilva says:

        Dear Shazarm,

        I just got a traffic ticket and am outraged over the indignity of having my precious rights trampled upon. I love your advice and would like to query you: what members of the ticketing officer’s family should I got after first? His mom? His wife? His children? Your input would be greatly appreciated.

        Yours in liberty,

        Frank O. Anderson-Desilva

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