Oldest Painting of Jesus

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Nine Oldest Paintings of Jesus in the World


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Systemic Racism EXPOSED . . .

Why Are They Lying?

If you Google “oldest painting of Jesus, one of the top three listings claims they are showing you “The six oldest images of Jesus“.  However, a cogent examination of the historical evidence conclusively proves their assertion is totally fraudulent.  Why are they lying?

NOT The Six Oldest Images of Jesus

The Pantocrator Deception

The oldest known surviving example of the icon of Christ Pantocrator was painted in encaustic on panel in the sixth or seventh century, and survived the period of destruction of images during the Iconoclastic disputes that twice racked the Eastern church, 726 to 787 and 814 to 842. It was preserved in Saint Catherine’s Monastery, in the remote desert of the Sinai.


In 2016, if you Googled “Oldest Painting of Jesus”, this is what you would get:

The Pantocrator Deception

Jesus Christ Pantocrator, 6th-7th Century

The description of the painting was quite deceptive. It said, “Oldest Painting of Jesus Christ Pantocrator”.  The deceivers were counting on the viewer being too lazy to research that word: “Pantocrator“.

Do your own investigation and you’ll discover that Pantocrator refers to a certain style of iconography.  Therefore, the Oldest Painting of Jesus Christ Pantocrator IS NOT the same thing as the Oldest Painting of Jesus.  It is merely the oldest of that (more modern) style.

Christianity Cover Up

The ubiquitous promotion of Jesus Christ Pantocrator on the internet is a manifestation of The Christianity Cover-Up.

The average person has NO idea that over a thousand years ago Christianity was radically altered by wealthy oligarchs and weaponized to serve their goal of material aggrandizement and global conquest.

The average person has NO idea that modern images of Jesus can be traced to a painting financed by and created in the likeness of Cesare Borgia; a wealthy oligarch and the second son of Pope Alexander the 6th of Rome.

Remnants of Original Christianity

The same people who are promoting The Christianity Cover-Up would have you believe the assertion that Jesus was melanated is a “preposterous” idea.  An absurd fabrication disseminated by delusional aftrocentrists.

Well . . . what about the ancient statuary and paintings of melanated Jesus and Mary scattered throughout all of Europe and Scandinavia?  Here’s just one of many examples:

Moorish Jesus and Mary clad in gold

The Black Madonna in the Benedictine Abbey of Einsiedeln, Switzerland

Mainstream History is a Lie

We’ve all been taught false history.  When you attended school, who published the books you read?  Who produces the motion pictures and television programs you watch?  What the middle class suckers have failed to realize is: since your early childhood, the richest people in the world have been intentionally brainwashing us.

Watch the opening sequence of the movie Braveheart.  The narrator reveals wealthy oligarchs have been manipulating and distorting history for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Right now as you’re reading these words, the mega-wealthy owners of Google, Facebook and Twitter are censoring (i.e. oppressing) everything that challenges their imperial version of reality.

Were the Romans afrocentrists?

Here’s a 3rd century Roman fresco that has been withheld from Christians.  Keep in mind, this painting is 300-400 years older than Jesus Christ Pantocator.  Guess it just slipped their minds to show this to you, right?

Christ Among the Apostles
Fresco from the St. Domitilla Catacomb (Arcosolium of the Crypt of Ampliatusin), Rome, Italy,  3rd century

And here’s another fresco they won’t show you . . .

Painting of Abraham

Abraham raises his sword to slay his son Isaac.
Fresco from the Via Latina Catacomb (Cubiculum C), Rome, Italy. Circa 320 AD

I had no idea the Romans were afrocentrists, did you?  Or is it possible these frescoes are portraying Christianity in its original form before it was altered by the ancestors of today’s corrupt ruling oligarchy?

Suppression of The Black Madonnas

Distributed throughout Belgium are several historical Black Madonnas.  Nevertheless, you won’t see any of them on mainstream media or promoted by educational institutions.  I used to administer a YouTube channel with several videos featuring Black European Madonnas.  Every video went into detail about the fascinating stories behind each Madonna.  Guess what happened?  The racists at YouTube banned my channel!  That’s just one of the countless examples of systemic racism NO ONE is talking about.

Are the Belgians afrocentrists?

The history of Belgium can be traced back at least to the Neolithic flint mines of Spiennesf (4300–2200 BC).  Their culture is thousands of years older than the United States.  So I ask you, who’s more likely to be in touch with the ancient lineage of Christianity, the Belgians or the Americans?  See for yourself . . .

The Black Madonna and Child

Europeans parade the Black Madonna and Child throughout the streets of Liege, Belgium

According to the insane logic of our would-be detractors, the enthusiastic people in the above photo are members of the Black Hebrew Israelites!

Oldest Painting of Jesus

The following wall painting is known as The Healing of the Paralytic.  Created circa 235 AD, this is the oldest painting of Jesus.  When shown in its proper coloring, you can plainly observe that Jesus is portrayed as having a black face, short curly hair and medium brown legs.

Jesus is shown healing a bed-ridden man, who then has the strength to carry his bed on his back and walk.  This painting was discovered in 1921 on the left-hand wall of the baptismal chamber of the house-church at Dura-Europos on the Euphrates River in modern Syria.

Healing of the Paralytic

The Healing of the Paralytic.  c. 235 AD
– The oldest painting of Jesus –

Today, this painting is kept at the Yale University Gallery of Fine Arts as part of the Dura-Europos collection along with other frescoes found at the church.

Triumph of the Internet

This article was originally written in December of 2016.  At that time, Google and Wikipedia were promoting The Pantocrator Deception all around the world.  For years their subterfuge had remained unchallenged until their fraud was exposed on this very website.  By revealing their deception, the social manipulators were forced to change their tune.

Which proves the internet can be a powerful tool for positive change.

Join the Winning Team

Every year more than thirty-six thousand viewers read this article.  Despite the best efforts of the satanic globalists to control your mind through mass media and years of indoctrination by the pubic fool system, we continue to triumph.

Join the winning team. Fight worldwide systemic racism.   Click the Share this: icon below and send this page to your friends!

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