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Who Invented Identity Theft?

Secret History of the Khazarian Assassins Around 100 AD, the Kingdom of Khazaria had devolved into a fiefdom ruled by a wicked king, who surrounded himself with occult oligarchs as his court.  Together, the evil coven practiced bloodthirsty Babylonian black … Continue reading

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7 Things Christian White Supremacists Never Do

Here are seven godly behaviors that Christian White Supremacists pathologically fail to exemplify.  What about you? (1) Whenever you speak to a non-white person, tell the complete truth. (2) Whether or not you want to, always give constructive information to non-white people when … Continue reading

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Beware of these 4 Satanic Deceptions

1) The Infallibility of the Bible The very notion that something exists in the material world which is infallible is a satanic delusion. Even Jesus himself stated, only God is perfect. And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? … Continue reading

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