YouTube Commies EXPOSED

The blood-sucking Jews bring Russia to America


I grew up in the sixties and the watch word of the day was “Communism”.  We were told Communism was bad.  We were told that the Commies might drop a bomb on us any day and we needed to practice ducking and covering.

Eventually, those of us who grew up discovered that the Russians who financed Communism as well as those who led it were Ashkenazi Jews.

Jewish Russian Communists

(left to right) Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky

Both my parents and I were told that we had to fight the Communists.  Because if we didn’t, they would conquer America and we would lose our freedoms.

But what we were not told was that, while the mainstream media had our eyes trained on the front door, the Commies were steadily coming through the back door.  Did I say Commies?  Well, I meant Jews.

They infiltrated America in 1913 by taking over the monetary system.  And things have only gotten worse since then.

A Bit Too Steady

For the past several years I have maintained a YouTube channel with what I hope are informative videos.  Although I hardly gave a thought about the channel statistics.  I began to notice that over several months the total number of subscribers was steady – in fact, a bit too steady.

Combined with the fact that about four months ago YouTube closed down my ability to make comments on any channel other than my own, I began to suspect that YouTube was suppressing the number of subscribers on my channel.

This is no small matter, as many YouTube viewers will decide whether to investigate a channel based upon the subscriber totals.  Suppressing the subscriber numbers is akin to making sure that a plant receives no water.

So based on a hunch, I decided to employ a professional service that specializes in increasing the number of YouTube subscribers.


If At First You Don’t Succeed

The initial company that I hired did not increase my subscriber numbers at all.  Which was the first indication that there might be a problem.

Now get this: The second company I hired returned my money.  Hmmm.  When I asked them why, they simply said that they could not help me at this time.

Not to be deterred, I hired a third company, which was when things really began to get interesting.

Gotcha YouTube!

The newest internet hire began to make strides but the numbers were anemic.  In fact, it seemed as if the subscription numbers would increase then dramatically decrease.  I decided that I needed a comprehensive record of what was transpiring at YouTube.  So I programmed a bot to download and store the YouTube subscriber figures every seven minutes, twenty-four hours a day.

YouTube in the cross-hairs

YouTube in the cross-hairs

Here’s What We Found

As a result of conducting a thorough real time examination of our YouTube channel subscriber totals, we have unequivocally and scientifically confirmed that YouTube has deliberately and with malice aforethought suppressed our subscriber totals.

Which means we now possess the scientific evidence which proves that JewTube has been conducting a systematic covert war against our channel.  We hesitate to generalize to the YouTube population at large but we can produce the statistical facts for our channel, which are as follows . . .


As the above photo confirms, on October 24th, 2016, I ordered an increase of subscriber numbers from a reputable dealer.  Now take a look at the following chart . . .




The above graph is reproduced from a page of analytics, which is available to YouTube video producers.

Notice that from October 1st to October 24th, the average subscriber attrition rate was 1 subscriber per day.  The very next day after professionals began increasing the subscriber totals, the channel lost 15 subscribers.  The day after that the channel lost 32!  The following day the channel lost 34!  The day after that the channel lost 27!  In other words, prior to hiring a booster team, the average loss was 1 subscriber per day.  As soon as the subscription numbers began to be boosted, the average attrition rate increased to 27 per day.  Simply put, once we started to boost the number of total subscriptions, the attrition rate increased 27 times the norm!

In pure statistics: the day after I hired the team, the loss rate was 1 standard deviation above the mean.  The following day the losses were 2.8 standard deviations above the mean.  By the third day, the loss rate had increased to over 3 standard deviations above the mean!

What’s The Probability Of The Null Hypothesis?

Could this simply have been some sort of random happenstance?

Well, let’s look at the numbers.  The chance of the first increase of losses happening on the same day as I started using the subscription service is: 1/365.  The probability of the second day happening exactly after the first day is: (1/365) x (1/364).  And, of course, the probability of four days in a row occurring as they did is: (1/365) x (1/364) x (1/365) x (1/364).  Which equals 0.0000000000563415177721747.

In other words, the likelihood of this having happened accidentally is ZERO.  Strictly by the numbers, YouTube has been caught red-handed deliberately falsifying subscription totals on our channel.

A Lying Bunch of Filthy Scumbags

The population at large needs to be aware that YouTube is the NEW RUSSIA.  The Commies are running YouTube now and as you can see for yourself, there is nothing the Jews won’t stoop to in an effort to prevent the general public from learning anything other than what the Jews want you to know.

So, now it’s obvious what was going on.  YouTube assigned a bot to the subscription totals on our channel.  The average rate of growth was one subscriber per day.  So any time someone would subscribe, the bot would delete a subscription.  Basically, the Commies had set things up so that the channel numbers would never grow.  Since they were only killing off a subscription each day, who would notice?

After boosters were hired and the subscriber rate increased dramatically, the subscriber deletions increased dramatically.  In fact, a friend noted that during the period of major deletions, YouTube deleted our channel from his list of subscriptions.  So YouTube did NOT merely delete subscriptions from inactive accounts, they deleted active accounts subscribed to our channel.

In a purely evil manipulative manner, YouTube relies on the fact that the average YouTube user who has subscribed to a number of channels will most likely not keep track of their subscription list.  Certainly not as a comprehensive daily review.

So JewTube removes targeted channels from viewer subscription lists, calculating that the dumb goyim won’t be able to perceive that one channel has gone missing from their long list of subscriptions.  So it’s an official scientific fact: YouTube is evil. Anyone who says otherwise is either brain-dead or an employee of YouTube.dhaka__-blood_moss_091316091322-1

The Coming Race War


And so it’s war!  The JewTube Commies are actively engaged in covert warfare against channels which expose the Khazarian mafia.

You’re not free.  The YouTube Communists are secretly censoring your ability to access information and will only allow you to view the videos THEY deem appropriate.

How does one handle the Jewish declaration of war upon America?  Well, as for me, I attended a recent gun show in our town and you can be sure that next gun show, I’ll be purchasing a weapon.

Now that they’ve officially infiltrated the U.S., at long last, we can engage in a savage race war against the Satanic Jewish Communists.

Can you smell it?  That’s the invigorating odor of Jewish blood flowing in the streets.

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